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STUMBLED across this page whilst researching for other members of the family.  Not sure where he fits in the family.  Jean Pierre Brattesani was the son of  Justin Brattesani and Maria Olata.  Pierre was born in 1921 in Marseilles in France.  He lost his life during the war whilst onboard the submarine chaser called Carenten.

Jean Pierre Brattesani

Jean Pierre Brattesani

The Carinten

Died at Sea

Jean Pierre was one of these men

The crew of the Carintan,Â


Shipwreck of the chaser 5 “Carentan” (submarine hunter) in the Channel on December 21, 1943, after a storm near Wright Island, in the south of England, while escorting A British submarine.

Who was Who

Details of the day

The wreck


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  1. Geneasud says:

    The picture with tile “Jean Pierre was one of these men” is maybe not with Jean Pierre BRATTESANI, but with one of this friends on the “Carentan” ship, die with him 21th december 1943, Edouard CORVASCE (b.1922, in Marseille too) aka CORVASI. People with Edouard are maybe english people on Wright Island (street in the of Cowes?).
    Edouard CORVASCE and Jean Pierre BRATTESANI were perhaps friends beacause same age and same town of origin, on a boat were others sailors were from Bretagne, and not Marseille.

  2. Helen says:

    Thank you for leaving this comment Eric. Such an interesting content on this page, so thanks for putting me right. I will go in and sort out. Helen

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