The Quilietti Family

The story of a Scots Italian family


These photos were all shared by the Clan.  I am saving them here for future generations to enjoy HELEN.    Margaret [now Adams] was the contributor of this first batch  For anyone who is not part of the family, Valentina Quilietti married Alex. Murray and this is their expanding family.    Thanks to them our  heritage will live on.

Clan Murray Quilietti

With Katrina Burns,    Collette Murray,    Ian Murray (Scottish politician),   Fraser Murray,   Murray Fraser,  Minnie Burns,   Pearl Murray,   Margaret Murray [me],  Roy Crowther,   Dot Murray,   May Crowther/Ulke,    Joe Murray,    Grandad Alec Murray,    Gary Crowther/Ulke   ,Rita Murray,    Nannie Valentina Murray,    Alexandra Murray,    Edna Murray,    Alec MurrayHeather canada,   Joyce Murray,   Margaret Canada,    Margaret Adams,   Margaret Canada!!,    Duncan MurrayDawnCrowther/Ulke,   Leo Murray,    Valley De fresne,    Nettie Murray,     Paul De fresne and    Eddie Murray.

  • From top left: Ian Murray [son of Bill & Pearl], Pearl, Bobby, Dot, Joe, Tommy, Rita, Jimmy, Edna, Alec, Joyce, Duncan, Nettie, Eddie, Next row fro left, baby katrina,[Miinnie’s daughter, Collett, Minnie, May,Grandad, Nannie, Margaret Valley Paul,, front left,


Tommy, Collette, Margaret and Ian Murray – another great photo 


stepping stones



Tommy and Joe

Clan Murray

Katrina Burns, Dawn Ulke, Gary Ulke, Roy Ulke, Alexandra Murray and Alexandra Ralton.

Netty Murray was Duncan’s wife

Murray Clan with Duncan Quilietti at the front SECOND from the right




Leo Murray is at the left – Leo,  Margaret,  Eddie,  May, Joe and, Thomas 



William Leonard Murray age 18


Dawn on her first visit to Scotland age 25

Aunty Tina centre with Maggie and her daughter Patricia


Aunty Tina with Tommy and he is holding a  snapshot of Dawn

Unknown Murray

Minnie Murray

Minnie and Katrina

Tina with her family

Netty and Margaret



Margaret Murray Adams

Margaret Murray with her brother Ian.

group Clan photo

Murray clan again

Margaret stand proudly at her wee B & B on the West Coast of Scotland


Roseharin  and her brother in law Eddie


Dawn’s family Vally Dufresne, Martin Dufresne, Roland Dufresneand Pat Dufresne Carthy. 


brothers  Eddie .and Tommy

three generations of Dawn’s family

Dawn’s mum – Valentina Murray – 

Valentina Murray’s grandkids Pat and Dawn

Pat and Dawn

Dawn’s wedding snap


Jamie Murray is the son of Craig,

Elaine and Fraser


Debbie, Mark and Katrina Murray – who are you please Debbie and Mark

Minnie putting her rags in Katrina’s hair, very fashionable at the time for ringlets


Lara and Kirsten


Kirsten and Lara

Holly and Kirsten

Heather with two of her daughters and two grandkids

Lara with her two beautiful kids

Helen Wallace  – Helen is descended  from Duncan’s line

Ellie Wallace, mum is Helen

Helen with cousin Craig Murray

George Murray, brother of Helen I think

Helen with her eldest daughter

Alex with Helen

Helen’s mum and Helen’s nephew Harrison

Harrison Murray – not sure who his parents are

Craig Murray

Stuart Murray

Angela Murray with her hubby

Elaine and Angela Murray


Kayley Ralton

Elaine Murray


Kayley Ralton is from Alex. line

Graduation Day for Kayley Alyss Ralton

Alexandra with Matthew Ralton

Another lovely photo of Alex with Matthew



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