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The story of a Scots Italian family

CONTI connections

our Conti line goes back to two branches of the family

The line from Denis Jamie Stanton back to Italy

A snapshot back in time.  The Conti family go back to the start of the records in the little Church of St. Nicoli in Castelvecchio Pascoli in 1639.  The Conti family had much social interaction not only between themselves but also between local families.   It is not uncommon for two sets of brothers to marry to sets of sisters.   It then becomes a bit muddled for the genealogist.

LEONARDO QUILIETTI married Eletta Brucciani in the village in the year 1866.  This is our link to the Conti line.

Leonardo Quilietti and Eletta Brucciani taken 1888

ELETTA, or MARIA GIOVANNA ELETTA  BRUCCIANI was born ON 26th November  1844.  Her parents were  Giovanni Giuseppe Brucciani and her mother Maria Teresa Conti.

Birth of Eletta

Eletta’s line   is documented in the archives of the Church to its beginning, when it was built in 1637.  Her parents married  on 14th February 1836.  Her  father Giuseppe had been married before and was now a Widower. He was now 44 years old.   Her mother Maria Teresa was  24 years old.  Her dad was also described as property owning and a ‘Figuresta’ or master of marble.  This was a skilled profession and our ancestor would have obtained his marble from the Carrera mines nearby.



From this marriage we can see that Maria Teresa Conti’s father was Giuliano Agostino Conti.  He was born on 15th February 1778 in the village.      Giuliano  had married  Maria Giovanna Giovanelli circa 1809 and there were several children of whom Maria Teresa was the first born

known siblings - there would have been moreÂ

Giuliano died on 3rd April 1855 as was documented in the church archives.  [Giuliano was my 4th great grandfather]

Giuliano’s dad was Giulio Conti.[my 5th great grandfather]    Giulio was born on 8th December 1749 in the Village of Castelvecchio Pascoli.   When he reached 27 years of age he married Maria Giovanna Conti.    She may have been related, we have still to research this.  They married on 29th April 1777 in the Church of St. Nicoli.  Their known children were


Conti children - there may have been more

Giulio’s dad was Giulio Nicolai Conti and he was my 6th great grandfather.   He was born in Castelvecchio Pascoli on 16th October 1691.   He married Maria Francesca Lucia Brogi.   Brogi is a surname well known to that area also.

church of St. Nicoli'



    3 Responses to “CONTI connections”

    1. Al Conti says:

      My grand parents were both from San Pietro In Campo,but I don’t see names mentioned like Bacci, Turiccihi, Dolce, DelCheccolo, and Batistini. I was wondering if anyone knew any info about these family names. Thanks Al Conti

    2. Mara says:

      Dear Albert, this is Mara from San Pietro in Campo. My Mom was Clara Bacci, daughter of Ada Turicchi and Nello Bacci. Ada Turicchi was the sister of Teresa Turicchi Fiori of Providence, RI. I remember when Albert Conti and Patricia came to San Pietro in Campo at my grandparents home.You probably are that Albert Conti.I was trying to find something about you so I am glad to find your message here. I know the Turicchis of Texas because sometimes the came here and I visited them too. I would like to keep in contact with you and your family.
      I also met Maria Paula Conti that visited Italy with her family but I haven’t any new from her. Albert Conti and my Mom wrote letters eachothers because he was Derna’s hausband, (Derna was my Mom’s cousin).
      The lastnames you mentioned, Bacci, Turicchi,Dolce and Del Checcolo, belong to my family.

    3. David Gonnella says:

      Carolina Conti married my 3xGreat Grandfather Antonio Gonnella.

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