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Your Quilietti family heritage


The Donati line  from Barga we can trace back to the year 1595.  Here in the hillside town was Giovanni Donati.  He married unknown lady and produced 13 children all born between 1656 and 1660 in Barga.  From this line down to our Pietro Donati was was born in 1876 there were many generations of this family in the region.  Pietro married Ermenia Quilietti.   This is our link to this family.

The family lived in the region around Barga in beautiful Tuscany.  Our own relationship with the brothers Donati is through Antonio who married Annunciata Ricci in Italy circa 1830.   We know about three of their children although there must have been more.

Through this line of ancestors the family is linked to  clans such as the Moscardinis, Casci, Giovanetti, Rinaldi, Agostini, Renucci, Gonella and many many more, family links which are intertwined through the last four centuries.

So between Brighton 1861 and Edinburgh 1891 Pietro had married on 17 FEB 1873  in  Barga, Lucca, Tuscany in Italy to Maria Brucciani.1952-1917. He had a business in Chambers Street in Edinburgh as Plasterers and his nephews Emilio and Augusto Quilietti worked with him.


Pietro was born in 1838-1907.  He in turn married the sister of my own great great grandmother.  Her name was MARIA BRUCCIANI.   Maria was born in 1849  so there was a 12 age year gap between the pair.   They married in the year 1873 in Castelvecchio Pascoli in Italy.  Various documents show different dates of births of the couple.

The couple  had five children who were born in Barga and we found them at first in the Scottish 1891 census with their youngest daughter Nunciata [mis-spelt] as being born in the year 1886 in Italy.  We know that the family travelled from Italy circa 1887 and travelling with them also was my own great grandfather Emilio Quilietti and his brother Augusto. The places of their children birth give us the clues as to when they emigrated. Last birth in Italy 1886. Also with them was Pietro’s sister Annunciata Donati.   She was witness at the wedding of Emilio in 1892 in Edinburgh.

Shortly after the evening of the census which was  5/6 April,  they had another baby who was born on 1st May 1891 in their family home at 145 Canongate, Edinburgh.   The child only lived for one year.  She is interred in the same plot as my great grandfather Emilio Quilietti in Easter Road Cemetery in Edinburgh.

In 1901 we find the family having moved from the historic Royal Mile in Edinburgh, which buildings were really slum tenements at the time to an address further up the hill at 10 West Preston Street, Newington, Edinburgh.   They lived here for a while later moving to 5 Keir Street, Edinburgh.  Maria Brucciani Donati was described as a teacher as was their youngest daughter Annunciata.   Emma was given the title of shopkeeper and we can assume from this that she manager her father’s shop.    He was still in the Stucco business at the time.

What happened to their children.

VITTORIO DONATI, 1877-1950 never married.  He changed his profession to a Stovemaker.  He moved to the west of Scotland where his sister had gone to live after her marriage. His usual residence was 224 Renfrew Street, Glasgow.  He died age 74 with an acute cerebrial hemorrhage in a home in Greenock.

GIOVANNI ADOLPHO CAMILLO or ADOLFO 1878-1950. He married Annie Laughlin and they had a large family of ten or so of which one son, Pietro became a Priest. The stone below is in Mount Vernon Catholic Cemetery in Edinburgh


Annunziata was born on 2nd February 1886 in Italy.  Her father’s profession in Scotland was lucrative and he earned enough that she might have a good education.   She became a schoolteacher.

In the year 1911 she married to another Italian immigrant by the name of Colombo Arcari.  Colombo, like a lot of the new immigrants including my own great grandfather took up the profession of confectioners and ice cream manufacturers.They married at St. Columbas R.C. Church, Upper Gray Street, Edinburgh, on 29th August 1911. This branch of the Arcari family had settled in Glasgow and his address was given as 487 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow.   There were however  brothers of the Arcari family who settled in Edinburgh.   Columbo’s father was Archili Arcari, Confectioner and Maria Assunta Faccenda.. Annunziata died on 3rd March 1972 at Glasgow Western Infirmary.   She was 86 years old.  Her usual residence was given as 10 Hillhead Street, Glasgow.

If anyone out there knows if the above couple had any offspring please leave me details.


Was born in 1885 in Italy.  In the year 1910 she married LUIGI SANTE POMETTI.  Luigi was also a confectioner by trade and his family had settled just outside Edinburgh in a village called Newtongrange.  His address was given as 5 Loan Road, Newtongrange.

Again they were married in St. Columbas R.C. Church, Upper Gray Street in Edinburgh.

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