The Quilietti Family

The story of a Scots Italian family

BRATTESANI Patrick Oxenaar 1954-1977

With great surprise another branch of the family has surfaced and again in France.

Correspondence has arrived from France from Mme VAN DEN BROCKE Christiane

Christiane Pierre  with her hubby  Jean-Pierre VAN DEN BROCKE)  This is what she wrote  Hello. I am French. My husband is of Flemish origin. He knew an OXENAAR Patrick in his youth (died at the age of 23) whose mother’s name was Pierina Antonietta BRATTESANI (died in 1972). Her parents were Angelo BRATTESANI and Mary Paulina DICKSON who were married in early 1917 in St. Martin, London.

Christiane  has been in touch to see if we can connect this branch of the Brattesani with ours. Of course all the Brattesani family come from the same root, but there are so many now scattered throughout the globe that it is not easy to link them up.  So perhaps with the family’s help we can try and remedy this problem.  Christiane has  kindly sent us this document.

The Marriage of Angelo Brattesani whose father was Giuseppe Brattesani.  The year was 1917 and the place was London.  The end of the War Years.
The Banns of the Church.  The Minister has a note attached regarding the marriage and we must presume that it was something to do with the War and the 15 days waiting after the Banns were shown.
Patrick Brattesani in the 1970s at a wedding of one of his friends

Patrick died when he was only 23 years old but we honour his life in the hope that someone else will remember him.  With thanks to Christiana whose husband was friends with .

Christiana in the 1970s
Christiana in the 1970s
Patrick Oxenaar in the 1970s. He was a friend of Patrick Brattesani and remembers him with great fondness

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