The Quilietti Family

The story of a Scots Italian family

Tuscany, Castelvecchio Pascoli and Church of St. Niccolo’

The church of St. Niccolo’ sits perched high on a hill overlooking the Serchio Valley.   From the windows inside the Vestry there are panoramic dramatic views of the Hills surrounding Barga.

St. Nicolo’ from the orchard at the back. This garden belongs to the Pascoli museum.  
Map showing the Village
The village

The little Church

The Church
Photo taken before the new orchard was planted. Where old bones lie

The little church and her archives holds many secrets and our ancestors were married, baptised and buried here.  The Quilietti name is unique and we find it also with the spelling Guiglietti in the census information as well as in the baptism records. However there are also  many generations of Conti and Brucciani ancestors whose lives and deaths are all documented in the precious archives of the village.

The orchard at the back of the Church links directly to the Pascoli Museum
And the Bells Rang out for Fallon’s wedding
Barga from the Hills overlooking the Serchio Valley
Beside the Bread Oven

You find the Church from the village square and through a vennell

through the vennell

from where you walk along a path.   You pass by the old village oven where the residents of Castelvecchio Pascoli used to bake their communal bread.

Walking along the path.
Jamie in the Village sourrounded by vines

The little church itself has only a handful of pews and is simply decorated, not ornate like the larger Churches in nearby Barga.

Precious books

In the 1890s there were 90 families in the village and this was very carefully documented every year in these precious books.   The Don would carefully do a census every year and document the families one by one, even although many members of the families were absent from the village at the time.    He would however always add them into the CHURCH Census which I find most strange. Our own family were generally family No. 4 in house No. 64 of the village.

The everseeing Eye from the ceiling of the little church
1892 census.   Emilio and Augusto are absent
Giuseppe Conti family No. 3.   He was Eletta's line

Family  3 were the Conti family who were Eletta’s maternal line.  Giuseppe was her uncle, her mother, Maria Teresa Conti’s  brother.  They lived at house no.70 in the village

 Family 2 were also the Conti family, this time Eletta’s cousins.  You can see that Giuliano was now in America

Giuliano was now in America
view from the Orchard behind the Church of St. Nicolo’
Helen and Ian Quilietti searching for their roots
at Fallon’s wedding.  Denis Stanton, Helen Quilietti and Jamie Stanton
The wee hoose, now rebuilt, but the site of the original Quilietti home
The small river
Fallon Quilietti was married at the wee Church 2014,  Denis Stanton, Jeanette Quilietti, Fallon Quilietti, Helen Quilietti and Isabella Quilietti
Fallon’s wedding day
Fallon and Tatiana
Ian Quilietti
This steam train travels to and from the Village
Birds eye view of the village and the train line
The Train StationThe trains on the line from Lucca to Aulla don’t always stop at Castelvecchio Pascoli station. It’s considered a minor stop but fortunately hasn’t suffered the fate of stations like Calavorno, Valdottavo and Ponte all’Ania which have long since closed.Castelvecchio Pascoli station is located on the left bank of the river Serchio near Ponte di Campia on the junction between regional SR445 and provincial SP20 roads.
View towards the Church from the village
Murels at the train station

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