The Quilietti Family

The story of a Scots Italian family

MORRISON Gus [Angus] 1950-2020

John Morrison.   John was born in 1963.

John Morrison was born in 1963.  Could John or Macie help me out here as I am unsure of their relationship.   Thanks Helen

John and Macie Morrison

John Morrison with Scott Morrison and …

Now I do remember Gus because he was at school with Denis Stanton.   Gus was born on 20th February 1949.

The Gus Morrison Clan

Tam Morrison with his son Jamie 1987

Gus Morrison today

Tam and John with their mum

Paddy’s daughters

The Morrison brothers

Scott Morrison

Connie Meadors – the Gus Morrison line. Whose daughter are you Connie?

Scott Morrison following in his great -great -great -grandfather’s footsteps-

Scott as a baby

Jamie Stuart Morrison

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  1. Linsay arthur says:

    Hi helen, the blonde girl in the photo with Scott Morrison and John Morrison is Sally Ferguson, (Mary Morrison’s daughter) my mum paddy’s sister.
    And the little girl with John and Macie Morrison is their daughter Ellie Morrison.

  2. Helen says:

    Thanks Lindsay

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