The Quilietti Family

The story of a Scots Italian family

Brattesani. Giulio 1845 Ferrari/Cura line

Let’s go back to Italy where we find  Giulio Brattesani born circa 1845 and he wed Maria Domenico Ferrari.   They had one son Giancome Giovanni Maria Brattesani who was born on 25th July 1885.

Then go back to Italy again and we find Maria Brattesani who married Robert Cura.  Robert was born in 1861.   They had a daughter Clementina Fuvigia Cura.

Robert and Maria  followed in  his  elder sister Maria Brucciani  and her husband Louie Cardinale’s footsteps and travelled   to Scotland circa 1890.  His elder sister Maria Brattesani was by now well established in Perth and running an ice cream shop in the town.   The 1891 Scottish census gives us the following information.

  • The family were running an ICE CREAM SHOP at 80 South Street in Perth.
  • The Head of the family was MARIA CURA CARDINALE  age 38, born in 1853 in Italy
  • [her husband was Louie Cardinale].
  • With her Helping in the Shop was Louie Cura, her brother age 35 born 1856
  • With her Helping in the Shop was  Robert Cura, her brother age 30 born 1861
  • With her was also Maria Cura [Brattesani], wife of Robert also Helping in the Shop.  She was 20 born in 1871.
  • Her son LOUIE age 14 was also registered.   He was born in Edinburgh in 1877.

Louie Cardinale would have been one of the very first of the Italian immigrants to be born here in Scotland.  Louie’s father Louie worked in Edinburgh with the rest of the Brattesani clan and he is documented as living at 9 Greenside Place in 1891, 1901 and 1911.    Louie senior was born 1851 in Italy.

By 1901 Robert and Maria had moved to 5 Meal Vennell in Perth where he was running a restaurant.   Clementina, their eldest daughter had been born in Italy in 1889 and she was now 12 years old.   Euphemia was born in Perth in 1892.   So between 1890 and 1892 they arrived in Scotland.

On 20th April 1910 Clementina Cura married her cousin Giancome Giovanni Maria Brattesani inSt. John’s Roman Catholic Church in Perth.  They had several children

  1. GIAECOME GIOVANNI TOMASO BRATTESANI born 2 December 1910 in 9 Middle Place in  Dundee
  2. MARIA DOMENICA BRATTESANI born 18th April 1912 in Dundee
  3. CESARE PIETRO BRATTESANI born 2 November 1915 in 36 Green Street in Arbroath
  4. Giuseppe Rober Leonard born 26 November 1913 in 36 Green Street in  Arbroath.   He married Annina Mansi who was also of Italian descent and who  also lived in Dundee.   They had son Lewis James born  in 1936.

Giacomo died at the grand age of 88 at 56 Baker Street in Aberdeen

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