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MORRISON Sheila 1944-2018

THE MILLAR connection

This is a brilliant snapshot in time of Aunty Sheila.  A sign of the times when things were not as good as they are today
Fantastic photo of their wedding day with sister Nancy
Sheila Morrison and Raymond Millar
Sheila and Raymond in later life

Sheila and Peggy Morrison were sisters.  This is the Morrison family connection with

Sheila and Raymond
Janet and Paul Millar – Paul is the youngest of the family
Sheila with daughter Nancy
A very young Raymond on the day he wed the lovely Fiona
Son Raymond with his family, his wife Fiona and their daughter Adele
Tommy Hill with his aunty and uncle and cousin Paul

Sheila was the youngest daughter of Alex Morrison and Helen Denholm Crawford.

She married Raymond Millar in the year 1964 at St. Giles Registrar’s Office in Edinburgh with her beloved sister Nancy as witness.  The other witness was Raymond’s brother John Millar.  Raymond lived at 6 Niddrie Mill Drive at the time and he was a private in the Royal Scots.

She was always the babysitter of the family, her being the youngest she would get landed with us all…poor Shiela..

Shiela forefront holding Alister Morrison

Shiela lost Raymond last year [2009] and her three children have been a constant source of support and love for her.  Sheila died in 2018.

Sheila Morrison
With sister Mary, Niece Josie and cousin Cathie Kane

Sheila and Raymond were inseparable throughout their marriage,  They had three children

RAYMOND MILLAR was born on 26th January 1965 at Simpson’s Maternity Hospital in Edinburgh.    At this time Shiela and Raymond were living with her mum at 50 Niddrie Mains Terrace.

PAUL DAVID MILLAR was born on 27th April 1967 at Simpson’s Maternity Hospital in Edinbufgh.  They lived at 75 Broughton Street, in Edinburgh at the time of his birth.

NANCY SHEILA MILLAR was born 30th August 1968 in Simpson Maternity Hospital, Edinburgh.  The family had now moved to their new permanent address of 52 Niddrie Mains Terrace, bottom flat .   They lived here for many years.

Paul and Nancy Millar
2011 Shiela and Jayne Morrison


Hiya Shiela
Nancy with her hubby John Forsan
Raymond Miller junior
Cousins Chloe, Tommee and Ava [I think]

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  1. Hi, I have a photo of Sheila Morrison, it has got to be her as she hasn’t changed. It was taken 1958-9 we were in same class at Niddrie Marischal Secondary school, and she lived in Niddrie Mains Terrace, I lived in Hay Avenue, Give her my regards if she remembers me, the photo is of her, Vera Hunter, John Patterson and myself .

  2. Helen says:

    Thank you Agnes for this information. Havn’t received the photo unfortunaately but it is surely her. She passed away only last year, the last of her whole family. A beautiful wee Aunty to myself and always had a beautiful family who looked after her throughout the years. Thanks for getting in touch

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