The Quilietti Family

The story of a Scots Italian family

QUILIETTI Valentina Yolande 1930-2008

Valentina Yolande Quilietti was the youngest daughter of Giulio Quilietti and Elizabeth Wilson.


Valentina was born on 8th February 1930 at 71 Leith Street in Edinburgh.   Her dad at the time ran a fish restaurant from premises at this address.

Vali and Theresa outside the family hairdressing salon in Canada

Valli as she was known married John Young.

Valli and John with friends

She married John Lannan Young on 17th April 1947 in the Registrar’s Office in Portobello, Edinburgh.   At the time Valli lived at No. 36 The Pleasance in the old town of Edinburgh.  John was 22 and she was 17.   She was the youngest of this branch of the Quilietti family and would have fond memories of her father who died in 1936 even although she was only a child at the time.

Valli with John
With the Quilietti Clan
Theresa and Graham in Canada
Three children of John and Valli
The children of Valli and John

John was born in Holyrood Road on 13th June 1923. His father was William Young and his mother Bridget Lannan, an Irishwoman by descent.  He was one of seven children seen below

William Young lineage with two Alex’s before him

William’s line leads back to Selkirk on his father’s side and Ireland on his mother’s line.  His father’s line also include the Snowdon surname which comes from Sutherland in County Durham in England

John Young’s family had already  started to emigrate to Canada in the previous decade  and he and Valentina Quilietti followed and made their lives there.  They raised their three children in Canada and enjoyed many visits from their Scottish relatives over the years

Valli with her daughter, grandaughter and great grandaughter
The Canadian family but what are there names
The Canadians
Valli in her youth
Happy days the Giulio Quilietti clan at a family reunion
Grandchildren and great grandchildren of Valli
Quilietti siblings

Vali died on 19th December 2008

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