The Quilietti Family

The story of a Scots Italian family


Emilio Brattesani was a nephew  of Lorenzo Brattesani and Christine Delonge who had emigrated to Buffalo New York in 1880. Emilio was born in 1885 in Italy.   Still trying to ascertain his parentage.

The famous Brooklyn Bridge c 1900 with a passenger ship Antilio  in the docks.

By the year 1903 he was in New York and had been there long enough to marry this lady

Marriage to Erminia or Minnie Dardanu

The Dardanu family had arrived to New York from Italy  in 1896.  All the family had travelled together.  1900 finds them in Brooklyn  New York

 Old Map of Brooklyn
1900.  Minnie is a ‘macaroni maker’ – love this description

The 1920 census of America  shows us that his immigration year was 1903 and that was the same year  he was married to Minnie.  Three children on this census.

The famous Mulberry Street c 1900

Emilio in 1930 was living  in New York in Queens District, Edmund Hill.

This fascinating census tells us that he married at the age of 19 and was a Trucker. His age is given as 45  His wife Minnie was two years older than him.  They have at this time three children living with them. Victor was age 26, born in New York in 1904.  Henry was only 10 and Gloria only 6.  Victor worked in a shop as a Printer.

Old New York

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