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STANTON BURSTOW J.B. – 1936-2017


James George Burstow  was born on 13th December 1936 at The Royal Maternity Hospital in Edinburgh.  He is the son of Helen or Nellie Stanton and James Burstow.  He died in 2017 in Edinburgh.

This lovely photo is of Margaret Clark and Jimmy Burstow.  They were married in February 1960.

Margaret’s mum and dad, Mr. & Mrs. Clark. They both died young

Jimmy and Maggie have known each other since the 1950s and were married in February 1960.    They are still together [2017] enjoying their ever growing family.  Maggie Clark is one of four sisters.  The family were orphaned at a very early age and back then with not any support from the State the girls were left to fend for themselves, they brought themselves up really.  Two of her sisters have now passed on.  Maggie died in 

Jimmy’s parents, Helen or Nellie Stanton with their son Eddie Burstow and her husband James George or ‘Ned’ Burstow as he was affectionately called

James George ‘Ned ‘ Burstow was born in  Horsham in Sussex,  England in April 1902.  Horsham is described as a market town today and back then was much smaller.  One of the town’s industries was brickmaking and we can see from the census information below that the Burstow family were employed in this trade.

Horsham, a photograph taken in the year 1902 when Ned was born

Burstow is such an unusual name. 

The Civil Registration showing birth of Jimmy’s dad in 1902 . James George Burstow, Horsham.  The other Burstow’s on this page are mostly from towns in the south of England.

In 1901

We can see from the 1911 Census document that Jimmy’s  dad was a House Porter at Christ’s Hospital.  James George  was the eldest son of James Burstow and Louisa Jones.  They had  a younger son  William John who was born in December 1907  and a daughter. Elsie who was born on 1st March 1910.  Elsie died in 1975 in Horsham.

Jimmy’s dad in the 1911 English Census.
Entrance to the Hospital where worked
Horsham in 1870

The family Burstow were brought up in the Niddire\Craigmillar area of Edinburgh after the houses were built not long after the Second World War.   He met and married the love of his life Maggie and they have two daughters, Helen and Mary.    Jimmy was always a colourful character and his passion was always his ‘doos’, or pigeons.

The Burstow family – Jimmy with Maggie on the left and Eddie with Betty on the right.
Golden Wedding
This is a photo of Maggie, their daughter, grandaughter and great grandaughter. A beautiful photo
The Burstow girls Mary and Helen
Proud Great Grandparents

The Burstow family seem to have originated in or around Horsham in Sussex.  The Clay in the Weald provided the natural resources for the brickmaking industry which was prevalent in the small town.  This is what industry the Burstow family made their living for decades from 1850 – 1900.  But not all of the Burstow family were manual workmen.  Amongst their namesake were Architects, Coopers and Joiners.

Horsham is a small market town way down south of England

In the year 1849 we find the birth of Jimmy’s great grandfather George Mitchell Burstow date of birth shown as 22nd July.  We can see from this ancestry tree that he had many children with his wife Julie Ann Dumbrell

1891 English census information showing all the little Burstow kiddies
1901 the family living at 25 Spencer Road in Horsham.  Nearly Everyone in the street are brickmakers by trade.
25 Spencer Road today – the home of the Burtstow family for many years
Not in Horsham, but a photograph of another Brickworks at the turn of the century 1900
Grandad, now widowed.  Brickmakers as profession in the market town of Horsham.
Burstow Clan from Horsham in Sussex.  Horsham is a market town on the upper reaches of the River Arun on the fringe of the Weald in Sussex.  Son James is his direct line.
Elodie – great granddaughter of JB
Margaret Boswell, now Auld, is the daughter of Mary Burstow
Margaret with hubby Matt Auld

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