The Quilietti Family

The story of a Scots Italian family

ITALY some memories

So after the search for our family roots and discovering with great amazement that we were indeed descendants of many Italian ancestors we thought it was time to go to Italy and discover a bit about ourselves.

This was my glass taken in Artimino yummy  yummy beautiful Tuscan Chianti

The weather is great, the food is brilliant, the scenery is wonderful and the folks are very friendly.  So we returned year after year to Tuscany, Rome, Amalfi  and Sicily and just enjoyed being part of it all.   Here are some photos of our trips.  We also enjoyed many cruises around the boot and gazed in awe as we sailed into beautiful Venice.   Memories to be treasured.

typical Italian street

Jamie in the village of Castelvecchio Pascoli underneath some sweet vines

Don Stantoni Corleoni in Sicily

We had a wonderful Pizza night in Artimino. The weather was crackling with thunder and lightening. Robert and David Quilietti headed down the wee mountain to the village below and returned with these ten pizzas. Wonderful memories

And down in Florence there was a brilliant market.   It was here that we found the most picilo police lady we have ever seen

Here she is, the smallest police officer alive

We stayed this time in Artimino, which is a village on the top of a small mountain just beside Florence.    We would take the cars down to the railway and then jump aboard the Florence express.    The Hotel in Artimino was a converted Medici mansion, see what you think

Beautiful Artimino

The Ponte Vecchio is a wierd bridge which you find on your way from Lucca to Barga.   It is very steep

The Ponte Vecchio

some Quiliettis on the Ponte Vecchio with the Menace and Pat Neri

The Menace in Barga

The Menace in Barga

Beautiful Florence.   This bridge is full of jewellery shops but the real gem is the spectacular view from the next bridge along the river, don’t you agree

Our Canon G2 took this photo, of the bridge in Florence.  The bridge itself is full of jewellery shops. beautiful indeed

Jamie overlooking the Medici mansion, sitting in someone’s seat

From the Medici mansion to Artimino

the beautiful little village of Artimino with the Medici mansion at the back

Artimino looking towards the Medici mansion

Helen outside Vitos Bar where Michael Corleone met his future papa in law.Villa Sonia from the old Cemetery in Castelmola, Sicily

This was in Sicily

Villa Sonia, Castelmola, Sicily, high up above Taoramino. Breathtaking. We took the photo from the old cemetery nearby

The Menace and Jeanette Quilietti outside Vitelli’s Godfather Bar

We all dressed up in black and white for a Sicilian Godfather tour

View around the Amalfi Coastline

This lady, Maria, was in the Godfather movie. She is the owner of the Vitelli Bar

Denis with Maria in Vietlli’s Bar in Sicily

In Sorrento

The Amalfi church where lies our own St. Andrew

This brilliant photo captures the reality of the stray cats in Sorrento. Each boat has their own group of stray cats which they feed with fish from their catch

Enjoying her dinner

Yummy yummy

We were in Sorrento the night Italy won the World Cup in 2006 I think it was. What an experience

Peestiano in Sorrento

Sicilian delights

AMALFI, From a boat trip we were on

Secret Caves in Sicily

Sicilian wedding

a Sicilian rolling pin in Castelmola

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