The Quilietti Family

The story of a Scots Italian family




Patricia Morrison was born on 2nd October 1953, daughter of Angus Roland Morrison and Margaret Wills Finlay.   We dedicate this page to Paddy as she was affectionately known.   Her family remember her with great affection and love.  Paddy unfortunately suffered an illness which took her life at the tender age of only  43 years.   She is interred in Mount Vernon Cemetery, Liberton, Edinburgh.

Paddy with daughter Lindsey

Scott Morrison


This is a photograph of Paddy’s maternal grandmother Sarah Wills 1912-1973.

This is a photograph of Paddy’s maternal Grandad William Finlay 1900-1983 taken just after the War


This is a photograph of Paddy’s maternal great grandparents – the Irish line – although they moved up to Scotland from  England. Their names are Thomas Henry Wills 1878-1934 and Annie Farrell 1883-1858. They were both born in England.  She died in Hay Place in Edinburgh. It was her line that was from Ireland. The Wills family were from Ilford in Kent

This document shows the Farrell family in Liverpool, their ages, occupations and the like. 1881

Paddy spent her formative years in Niddrie Mains and then Niddrie Mill in Edinburgh.   It was here where her parents had settled and where she and her siblings were brought up.   There was John Morrison, Angus Morrison, Thomas Morrison and sister Mary Morrison.

Margaret Finlay and Gus Morrison – Paddy’s mum and dad

Mary and Paddy Morrison with an uncle from the Findlay side of their family

Mary married John Cameron Arthur in 1974 and they had 4 children

  • John 1982 and
  • Lindsay 1984
  • MARY
  • Fiona 

This beautiful photograph is of Margaret Findlay, Paddy’s Mum. Everyone had their portraits taken at Jeromes, Leith Street, Edinburgh.

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