The Quilietti Family

The story of a Scots Italian family


Welcome to Fabrice Bonfiglio who  granny was Maria BRATTESANI from Parma.  Maria was one of  10 siblings.   Her father was Celestino or Celeste Brattesani born circa 1880.  He was one of eleven siblings.    So many Brattesanis but all from the same root.

Fabrice's line -

Fabrice Bonfiglio

The Bonfiglio family are all from Borgo Val di Tora and we know that many of the Brattesani branches were from here as well.   This family are large and there are many still in the region as well as in the USA and elsewhere.

The Borgotora Region is famous for Porcini Mushrooms

What we are trying to do here is establish who the other siblings of Maria were.

In Portugal


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