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Some Morrison Photos


In this page I will add photos of my many Morrison cousins.

my cousin Tam Morrison

Jamie Stuart Morrison RIP

Eddie Morrison

Stewart Morrison is the son of Eddie Morrison ( junior ) his grandad is Eddie above

My favourite photo of George and myself in all our glory.  My cousin George is now gone but this photo will live on.  Great snapshot of a period in time 1953/54

alister son of Eddie above

Alister Morrison

Alister Morrison with...............

Morrisons galore -

Alex MORRISON, senior

Joe Q with Alex Morrison, correct me if I am wrong

Sammy with her boys -


Alex. Morrison with his wife Ena


Gillian Morrison born 1970 - dad Alex. grandad Barefoot

Alex. Morrison with grandaughter Danielle

Gayle Morrison, daughter of Alex. Junior

Gillian, Maargaret, Lou and Gayle Morrison

Ina and Alex

Stewart with daughter  Abbie Morrison.  Stewart's grandad is Eddie Morrison

Shiela with Nancy Morrison and of course Raymond who died just recently

Gayle Morrison with someone looking like my niece ELIZABETH Stanton

Mary Morrison and her sister Patricia Morrison or Paddy as she was known to all

Tam and Scott Morrison

John and Tam Morrison

Tam Morrison with his Jamie - please see separate page

Gus Morrison

Jayne Morrison Fachney

Scott Morrison

Tam Morrison with Rod


Tam Morrison with Rod

another Rod and Tam

Gus to the left and Tam in the centre and John to the right

JOHN Morrison

ERIC MORRISON, son of Eric


Barefoot line

Alex. Clan  Alex. John Den, Maggie, Eric, Alex. Joe and Margaret 

Liam Morrison, Ian's son

Raymond Miller, Shiela Morrison's son

Alex. Morrison and Charles Bow

Trisha and George Morrison

James Morrison

Louise on her wedding day

Scott Morrison

Scott Morrison


Denise Morrison in the centre.    Simone Morrison is to the left.    Abby Christina Morrison centre back

Carrie Morrison front left. Denise Morrison to the lower right

Abbie and Denise Morrison.

Maggie Morrison and......................

Carrie Morrison and family

The children of Carrie ????

young Jamie Stuart Morrison RIP

Jamie Stuart Morrison - who sadly passed away in 2014




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  1. ian morrison says:

    hi helen
    l will take the blame ? liam in the pool is my oldest son,hope yous are all doing well.

    ian x

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