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ARPINO Mario’s photos Pathead and surrounding areas

Lockdown photos 2020-2021


The village has a post officepubbakerycafe.  There is also a park on the west side of the village which has a full-size football pitch, pavilion building and children’s play area.  St. Mary’s RC Parish Church is found in the village.

  • To the north of the village is Preston Hall, an 18th century country house designed by William Adam for the Duchess of Gordon, and modified by Robert Mitchell.
  • Nearby is Oxenfoord Castle, a 16th century tower house belonging to the Dalrymple Earl of Stair, which was extended in the Scottish baronial style by Robert Adam, and further modified by William Burn.
  • To the west of Pathhead is Vogrie Country Park, centred on the 19th century Vogrie House, by architect Andrew Heiton. 
  • On the north west entrance to the village, there is a magnificent stone bridge, completed in 1831. This bridge is crossed by the A68, but it is only when below the bridge that its true beauty can be appreciated. It has five arches, each of which is 80 feet high and 50 feet in span
  • Two miles south west of the village lies Crichton CastleHistoric Scotland says “Crichton Castle stands tucked away out of sight, on a terrace overlooking the River Tyne in Midlothian. It was a noble residence for some 200 years, from the late 14th century through to the close of the 16th century. It was seldom the stage for significant events. However, its connections with two influential families – the Crichtons and the Hepburn Earls of Bothwell  associate the place with some of the most colourful chapters in Scottish history. The castle was built as a home of the Crichtons. With their fall from grace in 1484, the castle passed into the hands of the Hepburns of Hailes, Earls of Bothwell. 

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  1. im now living near pathead out in the countryside and had no idea we had family from that area ,do you know if there are still any there or in the sorounding areas x

  2. Hi Fiona, There still part of the Arpino family in the village if you have a look at Mary Arpino you will find the connections to the Slaters,Wahlbergs (the bakers in the village) also the Greens & Graham’s

    I know stay back in Pathhead myself after 16years in Gorgie Edinburgh, I stay on the Crichton Rd 4 doors from the school !!

    Kind Regards

  3. Hi fiona iam augusto arpinos daughter my son lives in pathhead he has been there for years i live in edinburgh you are welcome to contact me jasmine arpino

  4. Looking to get in touch with ali graham. If you could pass on my email address to him thanks.


  5. Jim Forson says:

    Hi – any information on Pathhead/Ford Valley golf course which was a 9 hole course under the famous Telford viaduct. Looking for anecdotes, old photos etc.

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