The Quilietti Family

The story of a Scots Italian family


Valentina Maria Quilietti was born on 1st December 1895 at 24 Greenside Place in Edinburgh.  Daughter of Emilio Quilietti and Valentina Brattesani. She was the only surviving daughter amongst the family of four.

Valentina married on 12th February 1915 in St. Patrick’s Church, Cowgate to Alexander Murray.     Alex. was a Corporal in the Kings Own Scottish Borderers at this time and his address given as Marine Gardens in Portobello.   Alex was born at 20 Bank Street, Edinburgh on 4th December 1893.   Both his parents had the Murray surname but we are unsure if they were indeed cousins.  A witness to their vows was Catherine Tully who indeed went on to marry Valentina’s brother Leonardo the following year.

Valentina Quilietti with her beloved brother Nardo

Valentina birth


Thomas Murray born circa 1840 married Mary Coleman born 1840  – [ his grandparents]

Their son James Murray born 1865 married Helen Murray born 1865 England – [his parents]

Their son Alexander married Valentina Quilietti

Valentina’s new husband came from a line of Irish descent and he had two grandmothers who were born in Ireland.

Alexander’s mother was Helen Murray and she was born in England in the year 1865. She was a dressmaker by trade and we know that she married twice, her first marriage to James Murray on 8th March 1886 and then again  in 1903 to William Alfred Harris.  Her marriage to James Murray produced several children and we know of two children to Alfred Harris..

Helen’s  father was Thomas Murray and he was born in the year 1831 in Liberton, Edinburgh, and he had the occupation as a Gentleman’s Coachman, which was a very grand title in those days.  Thomas died on 13th October 1885.  Helen’s mother was Irish and her name was Mary Ann Bird who was born abt. 1839 in Ireland.  Thomas and Mary were married in Dublin on 28th October 1858.

So we already have a wee bit IRISH, a wee bit ENGLISH they were just passing through,  and a wee bit SCOTS in this particular branch of the Murray clan.

Shortly after their marriage we know that Alex went off to the great war.

Celebration of their marriage – 50 years on

The Murray Clan

The Murray family

This was the Murray family home for many years

  • Some of the Murray family

    murray munchkins


    Tommy and Dawn Murray

    Tommy 1949

    Bobby 1948

    Billy with his wife and also with Ian

    Bill Murray in 1947

    Hinging oot the windae

    Tommy with his niece Pat – she has a cheeky face


  • Murray stepping stones in their back green  MAY, EDDIE, JOE , JIMMY, BOBBY and MINNIE 

  • Valentina Quilietti Murray with son Tommy.

    Alex Murray senior

  • Jimmy, Tommy, Joe and May Murray


    Tommy Murray – the photograph captures a moment in time

    Vally’s kids

    Fraser with Elaine

    Dawn Dufresne Evers with Elaine and Fraser Murray. Also with Bradley Ralton and Danielle Milligan

    The Clan

    wee kilty Katrina

    Minnie Murray with daughter Katrina

    lovely photo of Minnie Murray


    a lovely portrait of Noraleigh, great grandaughter of Valentina Quilietti

    Noraleigh and her family

    Tommy and Elaine

    Part of the Murray Clan

    two remaining brothers

    Clan Murray, Leo, Margaret, Eddie, May, Joe and Thomas

    The Clan

    Fraser, Stuart, Celia, Craig and Emily at the front

    Stuart Murray

    The Duncan Murray line with Helen Murray Wallace

    Alex with her daughter Kayley


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  1. Celia Murray says:

    How lovely to discover where a part of me comes from. Thank you for all your hard work in making this site.
    Like so many other of my relatives, I am roaming widely and am currently living in Malaysia.
    Thank you again
    Celia Murray
    Granddaughter of Valentina Murray
    Daughter of Robert Murray
    Sister of Craig Murray (and Neil and Stuart)

  2. Helen says:

    Celia thanks for the comments and I will now formally welcome you intp the family. Also would like to include you in a dedicated Murray webpage. Have briefly said hello to your family via Facebook but as yet have had nothing back from them to include in the pages.

    I would welcome any information you would like to include about your own family and of course some photos. Thanks. please e.mail me on and we can chat. Thanks again for your kind comments. Helen Quilietti

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