The Quilietti Family

The story of a Scots Italian family

ARPINO Pricilla’s Accollo connections

Pricilla Anne Slater Arpino Accollo.

This is all the inherited names of the lovely Pricilla above. She was born in 1946 daughter of Palma Arpino and Carmelo Accolla who was an Italian. A wartime romance.

So the baby Pricilla was then given over to her great Aunt Emilia Arpino Crawford where she remained for the first two years of her life. This was a normal part of family life in those days when children would. be raised by their grandparents and aunts rather than give them up for adoption. Pricilla was re-united with her mum after her marriage with Lex Slater.

Palma went on to marry Lex Slater in 1949 in Edinburgh and they in turn raised their family in Pathead where the family remained all their lives.

Saddest news February 28th 2021 is the death of Pricilla’s Italian nephew. He died peacefully in his sleep.

I’ve just has a sad phone call from Rome my nephew Massimo Marini died in his sleep last night he was in his thirties my sister Vivianas only child the family are heartbroken he was to get married in July

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