The Quilietti Family

The story of a Scots Italian family

BRATTESANI John Ludovico 1948

Some years ago this correspondence came through from John. If you are still out there John would be great to hear from you again

John is the son of Antonio Giovanni Brattesani 1916-1983 and Elizabeth Rossi 1919-1979 she was known as Lisa.

I will try to gather some information on my grandfather Ludovico Brattesani 1885-1941 who had an ice cream shop in Elie in Fife 1936-1939. He was arrested at the start of the war and interned in the Isle of Man.
His other two brothers had shops in Anstruther, and Leslie in Fife but as far as I know he was the only one arrested because he lived in Italy 6 months of the year.

My father was born in Leslie along with his 4 sisters and 2 brothers one of which died my namesake John who died in Elie when only a year old, hense my grandmother decanted back to Italy.

My father who was at school in Italy, at 19 years of age came over to Scotland and on to the Isle of Man to give his father support, but sadly at 53 my grandfather died on the Isle of Man with stomach cancer, which left my father with the shop in Elie after the war

John or Giovanni Brattisani was one of Ludovico’s brothers who ran the Anstruther Fish and Chip shop in Fife, if not the most famous chippie in Scotland. After his death [below] in 1962 his was in charge and residing at 43 Shore Street, Anstruther

Cesare was another brother who was in Scotland for a while.

John Ludevico married my mother Lisa ELIZABETH Rossi of 12 Tollcross Road Glasgow in 1947. and they settled in Fife .
I was born on the 14th of August 1948. when my mother was visiting my grandmother in Glasgow .

They stayed in Fife for a year but I think it was too boring for my dad so he sold up and came to Glasgow where he open the largest fish and chip shop in Glasgow called the Pollock Snacks in Kingston Glasgow.

At the moment I find it hard to talk a little about my mother and father who are now both dead and even at 64 it still hurts. I hope this helps and will be waiting for you to reply
. John Ludovico Brattesani

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