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The story of a Scots Italian family

Angela’s lost photos 2

This treasure was one of the photographs presented to us by Angela Giulianotti.   The photograph is of Augusto and Emilio Quilietti.

The photographs on this page are sponsored by Angela Giulianotti, grandaughter of Rosa Brattisani and Giulio Giulianotti.

Photographs have always been important to migrants and their families.  When people were separated by great distances for long periods of time, it became important to try and keep in touch as best they could.    Sending photographs played a great role in their lives.  Italians always like to cut a ‘bella figura’ and these Giulianotti photographs which have been unearthed 100 years later are no exception to this rule.

Angela and Helen have became friends via our family website and have a lot in common regarding our respective family histories.  According to Angela there are five lines of the Giulianotti families and some of these lines I have started on the BRATTISANI/GIULIANOTTI page

Amongst Angela’s  granny’s photographs was a very special find for Helen  one photograph of Emilio Quilietti and his brother Augusto.  This is so special because it shows Emilio sitting, relaxed and his facial expressions are captured.   I cannot express my gratitude enough to Angela for so very kindly taking the time along with her sister  Valerie Giulianotti,, to send these very precious and special photographs to us.

Louisa with Peter Costello
Louisa Brattesani with Pietro Costella.  Wedding day

The following photographs are of Louisa Maria  Brattisani. Maria was born in Edinburgh on 30th September 1887 and was only a child of five when her sisters Valentina and Rosa married in 1892.

Louisa Brattisani

Photographed with her is her  husband Pietro Costella.  They did not marry until 20th December 1916, during the First World War.  They also married in St. Mary’s R.C. Church in Edinburgh.  Pietro was a fish restauranteur and Louisa was a confectioner by trade.   They were both 29 years old when they married.   Louisa had played the role of mother to the orphaned Quilietti children after the death of Valentina in 1905.

Pietro’s father, Giovanni Costella was a farmer.  His mother’s surname was Cabrelli.  They had two sons John and Luigi.

The next photos we believe is that of Minnie Brattisani

Minnie Brattisani – photo restored by David Wilson of Fife
Rose Brattisani  on her wedding day

Both Rose and Valentina  were  married the same year in 1892 and both at St. Mary’s R.C. Cathedral, Greenside, Edinburgh.

Lady standing at the back ELIZABETH VALENTINA FUSCO and her husband Carmino Demarco standing beside her.   The bride is beautiful Lucia Fusco who married Edward Dunn Maher in 1926.
ELIZABETH FUSCO, she was very lovely

The following photos

Three Brattisani COUSINS with Minnie is on the right
Minnie Brattisani with 'little eva' and a lady called 'Chena'
Minnie Brattisani with ‘Little Eva’ and a lady called ‘Chena’who we now recognise as the second wife of Sante Brattesani. Louigia Peruzzi
Minnie Brattisani with an unknown baby
This may be Elizabeth Chavraine McGinness, who married Louigi Fusco. She was born in Dublin, Ireland circa 1850.
Love this family portrait.
Now identified as Roberto Cura with his Wife, Maria Brattesani.


Now identified as FUSCO stepping stones, children of Mary Brattisani and John Fusco.    Kathy, Tony, Theresa and Minnie are photographed here in the back of their house in Bath Street, Portobello, Edinburgh.

The Stepping Stones have now been identified.  With thanks to Francis Fusco and Louisa Costella for taking the time to peruse and identify these family photos. I will now insert these into the Brattisani/Fusco pages as well.

Siblings Fusco, Minnie, Mary, Theresa and Kathy. This photograph was identified by their brother  Francis Fusco who is now 93 years old.  Thank you Francis.
Joseph and John Fusco photographed here with Francis and Tony, two of John’s boys.   John went on to become a Priest, Father Fusco.


FUSCO stepping stones.  At the back is Tony and Minnie.  at the front is Theresa , Kathy and Francis.  Francis identified himself here with his little book  [he has the hat on
Minnie, John, Joe standing and Kathy, Tony and Theresa FUSCO, children of Mary Brattisani and John Fusco.   Photographed in Edinburgh.
Seated is Louigi Mario Pietro Costella. Standing his older brother John. They are the two sons of Louisa Brattisani and Pietro Costella
Little Eva again

is. Thank you again for

Is this Eva Marie Brattisani


Eva Brattisani. This one was amongst our own photos given to us by Jackie Costella. It is dated 1920

wonderful photos.  

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  1. louise jane costella (MRS.SMITH) says:

    Hi the two school boys(one sitting other standing) are John Joseph Costella (Jackie) and his little brother on stool Luigi Mario Pietro Costella (Louie).

    Louise Jane Costella Mrs Smith

  2. louise jane costella (MRS.SMITH) says:

    More suggestions, I think Minnie Brattisani appears in two photos the one with a little girl (possibly eva marie brattasani??) in between two women… Minnie.. i think is on the left and the woman sitting down looks like the little eva’s mum??. Minnie also appears with a little baby again i think this might be her but I don’t think she had children of her own. The picture with the young bride I think the young woman behind is Elizabeth Fusco (richard demarcos mum) it is the same very beautiful woman in the portrait below, and i am sure i have seem this photo somwhere before i remembered it because of how beautiful i thought she was.
    Louise J Costell-smith
    hope this is of some help.

  3. louise jane costella (MRS.SMITH) says:

    the pictures of the groups of children are the younger Fusco children. Starting at the
    steppings stones down to the one above Jackie and Louie. Most were taken in Francis back garden at Bath Street Portobello. I will e-mail who is who if you want.

  4. louise jane costella (MRS.SMITH) says:

    the pictures of the groups of children are the younger Fusco children. Starting at the
    steppings stones down to the one above Jackie and Louie. Most were taken in Francis back garden at Bath Street Portobello. I will e-mail who is who if you want.
    Lady with glasses holding baby is Francis Fuscos grandmother Fusco he is not sure who the baby was.

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