The Quilietti Family

The story of a Scots Italian family

BRATTESANI, Norman [Norrie]

To meet up with a long lost cousin is an emotional part of one’s life.  So here I am in September 2016 about to embark on a historical event.  For I am about to meet my third cousin Norrie and his wife Jean.

Norrie is the son of Peter Brattesani, grandson of Pietro, great grandson of David Brattesani, all from Borgo Val da Tori in Parma, Italy.  Norrie’s great grandfather and my great grandfather were brothers.

Norrie with Jean and Enzo Brattesani in Parma August 2016

Norrie's family tree. Â We share the same roots Giuseppe Brattesani 1810 and beyond

The history of the Brattesani or Brattisani family here in Scotland is now well documented.  The family  had settled in Borgo Val da Tora in Parma and from here they sent their sons and daughters not only to Scotland, and England, but also to the New World, America and beyond.

The Brattesani family in Scotland are all related.  They come from one Branch and I am currently trying to unravel the branches and find the roots.

Our cousin Enzo has sent on the most wonderful family crest which confirms the roots of the family being from Florence [FIRENZE].

However our branches arrived in Scotland after the Unification and the years that followed.   Norrie’s grandfather Pietro Brattesani is documented as living in Greenside, Edinburgh, in the Brattesani residence at 9 Greenside Place, home not only to many of the Brattesani family but also to the orphaned Quilietti family who had lost not only their father Emilio, but also their mother Valentina Brattesani Quilietti in 1905.   When Peter Brattesani married in 1915 it was from this address in Greenside.

Marriage of Pietro Brattesani and Margaret Hill 1915.  Pietro was even then in the restaurant business as was his father, uncles and brothers.  The witnesses were  Peter Gasparoni, restaurant keeper and Louisa Brattesani.  Louisa was Valentina Brattesani Quilietti's sister and she was very much the mother to all of the younger genteration at that time, both the orphaned Quilietti children and the Brattesani nieces and nephews



Peter and Mary, Norrie's grandparents at their Golden Wedding. Â Peter lived till he was 92 years old . Â He died at the City Hospital in Edinburgh in 1983. Â Margaret died in 1980 in the same hospital

Their children so far Sante 1912,

David 1915-1989,


Maria 1918-1940,

Peter,  1919-1985

Julia 1920,

Julia with brother David

Walter 1921-1971,

Margaret Louise 1937


Norman’s parents were Peter Brattesani and Mary Donaldson Wright.  Norman’s dad Peter was born at 2 Glenorchy Place, Greenside, Edinburgh on 13th January 1919, just shortly after the end of the First World War.  Peter was in the Royal Artilliery during the War.  Peter worked as a warehouseman in latter years and died in 1985 age omly 66

They had three children,Peter who was born in 1945 and died as an infant.   Norman in 1948.    John was born in 1951.

Norrie  wrote to me as follows 

  • Last week we went to Rovinaglia to visit Caterina Brattesani, who is my father’s cousin.  Her sister is Matilda Brattesani married to Peter Dora (now deceased). And they were based in Dundee.   Caterina worked with them in the Fish & Chip shop for 21 years before returning to Italy.  You can imagine the combination of Dundee accent and Italian!This is our fourth visit, the first being 18 years ago.   But, interestingly this was the most enjoyable and informative time.   When we first visited Borgo Val di Taro is was a small, quiet town that didn’t seem to wake up until the middle of the day.  However, last time and this time we found a great difference, its much more welcoming, and lively.  I suppose the new generations have an influence there. On this visit I took photographs of where my grandfather’s house was originally built, but has been torn down due to safety issues.  Caterina’s family home is still there and is just opposite my grandfather’s.

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