The Quilietti Family

The story of a Scots Italian family

BRUNTON Suzanne Stuart Anderson 1962

Suzanne is the daughter of Suzanne Brunton. 1937-2005.

Suzanne with a wine glass as large as mine

Suzanne a few years ago

For whatever reasons and probably because of the split of between Amelio’s mother Susan Tully and Nardo Quilietti this branch of the family took on the Brunton surname, which was the surname of  Susan’s  new partner.

Amelio was known also known as William Brunton, but on any official documents he called himself Amelio Quilietti Brunton.  His family called him Melio.

Three generations Amelio Quilietti, his daughter Suzanne and her daughter Suzanne

Amelio  married in December 1933 to Charlotte Mary Jones Millar.  They had four children, Robert, Ronald, Suzanne and Jay, two of who have now passed on.

Suzanne and Jay Brunton Quilietti
Amelio with Suzanne and Robert
suzanne with……………
Mum and daughter Suzanne

Suzanne says “This is a favourite story of mine”

One day my mum and her sister Jay, who always had a large following of male admirers, decided they wanted to go to their favourite location Arbroath  They somehow persuaded one of their admirers to lend them a car and off they went, with my mum Susanne driving.

However, they ran into some difficulties when parking the car next to some steps leading down to a beach, and the car started to roll towards the steps. They managed to get out and found a policeman who helped them get the car facing in the right direction and off they went to park the car and enjoy their day!  – what is particularly funny about this story is neither of them had a driving license or had passed a driving test!

Thank you Suzanne for sending over these photographs.  

Suzanne Brunton ………………………………………..

Suzanne will be helping me compile her families pages.   Thanking you so very much…..Helen

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