The Quilietti Family

The story of a Scots Italian family

Pinkerton/WALKER connections

Our Branch of The Pinkerton family were from the South West of Scotland, Glasgow, Lanark, Wigtown, Lesmahagow, Kilmarnock and Crawfordjohn in Particular.

We have traced back to 5th Great Grandfather
Robert Pinkerton who was born in Lanarkshire c 1710. Robert married Kathrine Rae on 9th December 1739 in Crawfordjohn in Lanark.

BETTIE PINKERTON B 1744 in Douglas
JOHN b 1750 in Lanark

Our direct line – their son 4th Great Grandfather
James Pinkerton 1751-1822.

Our direct line – 4th Great Grandparents
James Pinkerton 1751-1822. Birthdate was 7th May 1751 and he was born in Lesmahagow.
He married Agnes Thomson b1750 on 3rd April 1777


  1. Elizabeth Pinkerton born 1777 – no spouse
  2. James Pinkerton 1778-1860. James married Agnes Patteson on 25th August 1820 in Irvine in Ayrshire, his hometown. They had three children during their marriage. AGNES, ELIZABETH and JAMES. She died on 20th December 1860.

Our direct line – 3rd Great Grandparents

MARY PINKERTON 1780-1851 She married James Walker 1779-1856 in 1800 in Paisley, Renfrewshire. They had nine children in 20 years. She died in 1851 in her hometown at the age of 71. Their offspring now having the Walker surname will switch over to the walker lines now

  • This branch of the Walker line came from Paisley, which is a much larger area than the villages from whence the PINKERTON family lived. The Fifth largest town in the area. Famous for its ABBEY and of course for the Mills. Home to the famous Paisley Pattern Materials. Famous for its Threads and Silk for centuries. You would expect the family to have employment in the Mills.



ELIZABETH WALKER [1801-1879] was born on 18th April 1801 in Irvine in Ayrshire. She married in 1821 to William Reid [1792-1851] whose family were also from the same area. William worked as a Hand Loom Weaver in the Cotton and Silk Mills dotted down the River. Children were

  • John Reid 1821-1871 married Caroline Fergusson who died in childbirth in 1848 after the birth of their first child. He then married in 1849 Hannah Geddes who was an Irish Girl and they in turn had another seven children. The family lived in the Cumnock and West Lothian area and their sons worked in the Mines.
  • William Reid 1823-1836 died age 13
  • David Reid 1825-1870 married Martha Brown in 1847 in Dalry Ayrshire. They eventually emigrated to New South Wales to make a go of it there. First two children born in Scotland Elizabeth and Jane. Margaret was born in Richmond, Victoria. These three daughters all married and had large families
    • Elizabeth 1847-1913 married a Scotsman who was also from Ayrshire, Archibald Parker. 10 children of whom many died as children or young adults
    • Jane 1849-1929. She married William Wells who was an Englishman. They also had a large family of 10 children of whom 8 survived.
    • Margaret 1857-1891. She married [1] a Welshman John Hughes, a miner who had emigrated for work. They had three children. After John’s premature death in 1882 she remarried [2] Alfred Blundel in 1893. His family came from Sandhurst in Kent, England. They had two children, one died in infancy.
  • James Reid 1827-1861
  • Elizabeth Reid 1828-1893
  • Jane Reid 1832-1923
  • William Reid 1934-1907

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