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STANTON Walter Michael 1889-1954

Thanking Sheila Triggs who left us a message earlier in 2020 explaining how members of the the family ended up in Canada

Walter with his family, wife Jessie and two daughters  Maria Whelahan Stanton and Rosina Dawson Stanton – the eldest

Walter Michael Stanton was the youngest son  of Andrew Stanton and Maria Whelahan.

the family Andrew Stanton and Maria Whelahan

Walter takes the name of his great grandfather Walter Staunton from County Mayo.

This branch of the Stanton family arrived in Scotland circa 1850 at the time of the great potato famine.  The 1861 Scottish census shows Andrew’s parents Edward Stanton and Peggy [Margaret] Grady residing in North Gray’s Close off the High Street in Edinburgh.  Their son Andrew was born in Ireland.  In the 1861 Scottish census the family were living now in old Edinburgh City which were no more than slums really.  The Irish community settled mainly in the Cowgate, Grassmarket and High Street areas and they worshiped in the Catholic Church in the Cowgate, called  St. Patrick’s [St. Pat’s].

By 1861 the family were living in North Gray’s Close, just off the High Street and only five minutes away from the Church. Andrew Stanton was 14 years old and worked as a Dust Carter. Times were hard and children worked from a very early age in whatever employment was around at the time.   This census entry shows  Edward’s occupation  as a Farmer as were all of his family at that time.

  • MICHAEL 1869-1946 – he never married lived at 57 Nicolson Street all his life. He was also a typesetter all his life.
  • EDWARD 1871-1939 married Catherine Madigan – our direct line
  • PATRICK 1974-1975 – died in infancy
  • MARY 1975-1891- had one son John illegitimate. His line were also great footballers
  • BRIDGET 1878-1968 – married twice – Charles Inness then Hugh Davie
  • MARGARET 1880-1966 – married Andrew Watt
  • LIZZIE or ELIZABETH 1884-1961 married John Mark
  • ANDREW 1884-1953 – married Catherine Moran
  • JOHN 1887-1956 – Butcher by trade, married Euphemia Dickson Watson
  • Walter Michael 1889-1954 – married Jessica Anderson
1891. This census shows us the age difference between the eldest son Michael and Walter – 17 years
Tree from Mary Whelahan Stanton. Maria moved to Canada after the death of her husband Alexander in 1967. Already in Canada was her daughter Rosina and husband William Sinclair. Later her other daughter Sarah followed with her husband William Acquroff and their two daughters Debra and Kim.

Ten years later the family are still residing at 5 North Gray’s Close with four of their children, Patrick Ann, Margaret and Mary.  By this time Walter’s father had moved out of the family home.

Walter’s Marriage 1911 to Jessie Anderson.  Residing now at 84 The Canongate
1911 Scottish census with Walter still living with his mum and family at No. 41 The Pleasance in Edinburgh’s South side

Walter was born in Edinburgh in 1890 at College Wynd.   The youngest of the family.

Jessie Anderson was the daughter of Mungo Anderson and Rosina Dawson.  They also lived in the High Street at No. 2 Covenant’s Close in 1891.  Her dad was described as a coal porter and this would have been no mean task in those days.  The old tenements of Edinburgh and down the High Street were 5,6,7,8,9,10 stories high and some even higher.

Rosina Dawson Stanton was born in Edinburgh in the year 1911.  In turn Rosina married Norman Thomson Wilkie.  

Rosina’s marriage still in the Parish of St. Patrick’s, Cowgate.  The family still living in the Canongate, off the High Street in old Edinburgh. They were granted permission to marry at the side alter of St. Patrick’s Church, despite Alexander being a Protestant. This was because the Stanton Whelahan family had such close ties to the Church. Their children were not raised in the Catholic faith but as Protestants. Mary in time broke all ties to her religion.
Rosina is on the left of the photo.  alongside her is sister Mary

A few years after the death of Norrie Rosina left for  Mississauga, Ontario, Canada with her son Tom, Tom’s wife Barbara and Norman who was about 2 years old.  

Mary married Alexander Willis.

Alexander Willis, Mary Whelahan Stanton’s husband.  His family were originally from England but came to Scotland around the same time as the Stantons in the middle 1850s.
Walter Andrew Stanton in the Army date unknown
Walter’s death

Norman has kindly sent us this latest find.

Mrs. Stanton and family

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  1. NORM WILKIE says:

    Just stumbled upon this page. My grandmother was Rosina she’s the one one th left not the right. That’s my auntie Mary on the right. Sorry just wondering where the information on this page is from? I have most of these pictures just curious how this site obtained them? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks, Norm Wilkie.

  2. Helen says:

    Thanks for your comment Norm. They were forwarded to ourselves from cousins now in Canada. I will sort out Mary and Rosina. But more importantly I would love to hear more from you and wonder if you would like to contribute to the family website. My husband is Denis Madigan Stanton, a direct ancestor of this line. thanks Helen. Please feel free to email me on

  3. Sheila Triggs says:

    Hi Helen, a bit of clarification on Rosina Stanton and Norman Wilkie. Norman or uncle Norie as we knew him passed away several years before my auntie Rosie came to Canada with her son Tom, his wife Barbara and Norman then about 2 years old. My granny had also emigrated to Canada as my family, her daughter Rosina Dawson Willis Sinclair and son in law WILLIAM SINCLAIR myself Sheila aged 5 and my sister aged 9. We arrived in Toronto Canada on May 20th 1967. A few years later my aunt Sarah Theresa Menelaus Willis Acquroff her husband William Acquroff and their daughters Debra and Kim. My granny Mary Whelahan Stanton Willis followed very soon after that. My grandad Alexander Willis had also passed away I think in 1968 of a heart attack.
    An interesting note: Mary Whelahan Stanton and Alexander Willis we’re granted permission to marry at the side alter of St. Patrick’s church despite my grandad Alexander being Protestant because the Stanton/Whelehan family had such close ties to this church. My mother and aunt were raised Protestant and my granny broke all ties yo her religion. I remember the first time I realized that she had a different religion than me was when we had a visit to the Martyrs Shrine in Ontario.

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