The Quilietti Family

The story of a Scots Italian family

Tuscany Vorno, Lucca birthplace of Leonardo


Just south of Lucca is the birthplace of Leonardo Quilietti

a map of Lucca


Vorno Church

The church of Pieve Vorno be attested by ‘867, is dedicated to St. Peter, and was perhaps one of the 28 existing at the time of Bishop Frediano Lucca.

Another document that mentions the church of Vorno is February 6 944 (Memoriesof Father Cianelli Lucca).

In documents dated 1000 that belonged to the parish churches of Cantignano, Coselli, Guam and verca dall’Estimo while in 1260 they are only two.

The present church is twelfth century, has undergone various transformations, which, moreover, also happened to other churches of Capannori. The old church remain a capital attributed to the school of Biduino and some columns.


Inside of the Church. Leonardo was baptised here

In 1793 it was decided the expansion of the parish and are entrusted with the work of Giovan Battista Petri.Is torn down the middle of the front porch and aligned with the wings of the porch is raised and restructured the bell tower. The tower is located to the right of the church is built of stone and Guam. On one wall is a plaque written in elegant Latin. (See photo below). The church has to ‘internal several important works such as, for example, the painting of Stephen Tofanelli, (1795) which is located behind the main altar and representing the Assumption with Saints Peter and Paul. The canvas of “Madonna and Child with St. John the Baptist and St. Peter” is Antonio Courses (1488-1489), while the font is attributable to segromignese Lorenzo Nottolini.

Inside the Church great artwork

inside the Church

Vorno is also famous for its Valley Quartz Veins System.  They are part of a small mountain range which is situated just Lucca
The orphanage was founded in the thirteenth century. After the unit was active throughout the province that was only one orphanage in the capital.
At the beginning of last century was based on “maternal rescue.
The Viareggio (LU) was a home that housed children from marine Arezzo, Florence and Siena.
The Viareggio (LU) was a home that housed children from marine Lucca, Massa and Perugia.outside the small town. (Sistema di vene di quarzo della valle di Vorno), Capannori, Monti Pisani, Lucca, Toscana, Italia



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