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DONATI Giovanni and Carubina VIRGINIA, USA branch

Giovanni Donati 1826 and Carubina Donati 1833

It was 1872 when Giovanni Donati [born 24 June 1826] and Carubina Donati [born 24 July 1833] arrived in Richmond from Italy. They brought their two sons, Andrew who was 17 and Vittorio Carlo who was 15. Also arriving with them was their nephew David Donati who was 13. On their arrival their chosen occupation was one of Plaster of Paris Makers as is shown in the City directory 1872/73.

Their son ANDREW DONATI 1855-1922

Andrew Donati (b. 1855, d.1922) was the eldest son of Giovanni Donati and Carubina Donati. He, in turn, married Frances A. (Fannie) Howell (b.1861, d.1930), in Richmond, Virginia, USA, whose family had been in Richmond for some time, as she was born there.

Andrew was a confectioner by trade. His obituary states that he came to Richmond, VA shortly after the War Between the States, and with his brother Vittorio Carlo (Squire) Donati. They ran the oyster house and restaurant at Eighteenth and Franklin Streets. It also states that he was one of the oldest members of the Italian community in Richmond. He died of cardiovascular disease and is buried at Mt. Calvary cemetery. Andrew and Fannie had four children. Humbert 1883 , then twins who were born in 1885. One died in 1885, then the other in 1886. Lastly Charles V. 1887

Vittorio Carlo (Squire) Donati (b. November 20, 1857,d. August 3, 1915). Was known to the immediate family as “Big Daddy”. He married Mary Louise Ommenhauser (Molly) (b.Sept. 2, 1859, d.Aug. 20, 1895), who was German by descent. They had four children, John Anthony (b. Oct 1881-d. unk), Carrie (b. Oct, 1883, d.1992), James Andrew (b. Jun. 8, 1887, d. Oct 11, 1965) and Amelia Rosalie (b. Aug. 1889,d. unk).

“Big Daddy” was a mover and shaker in the Richmond Business Community. He owned the Richmond Distilling company and the Stony Creek Distillery in Henrico County. He was also a Restaurant and Saloon Owner and Operator. He was a semi-pro baseball investor, an instigator of a taxi cab company which was the first one in Richmond. As well as all this he owned a portion of the Chamberlin Hotel, was listed in Dun and Bradstreet and kept a large boat on the James River where he would entertain his guests. The Governor of Virginia at the time was one of his earliest Guests .

His wife Molly died of cancer at the tender age of 36. She is buried at Hollywood Cemetery. Later in life Vic married Mary S. Gallagher, who was a widow and who was born in Chicago in May 1867. She had two children from her first marriage, Mary Hazel and Patrick. She died on 29th June 1908 age 46. She is buried at Mt. Calvary next to Big Daddy.

Victor Charles Donati 1857-1915 LINE

Victor was a most interesting character.

David Joseph Donati (Cousin), Child of Biziloi and Mary Donati born in Luciana, Italy June 6, 1859 and died June 12, 1933. Came to America with Giovanni and Carubina Donati and their two children when he was a teenager. He worked in the distillery for V. C. Donati. He married Josephine Lavelli (b.  mar 19, 1869, d. Nov. 13, 1937). Their children were: Harry, Mary, David J. Jr., Leo Nell, Columbus Bernard, Rosa Mary, Harry Joseph, Francis Argenta, Louise Regina, Louis Joseph, James Bernard, Margaret Theresa and Charles Victor.

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