The Quilietti Family

The story of a Scots Italian family

ARPINO Salvatore or Sam 1891-1959

Salvatore Or Sam Fusco was born in Bradford in Yorkshire, England on 13th September 1891. He was the son of Benedetto Fusco 1849-1927 and Michaelangela Arpino 1858-1952. Sam died in Edinburgh on 2nd February 1959. Salvatore was Francesca Arpino’s nephew


Son Bennett Fusco 1919-1991

Bennett had more children. Ronald George Fusco 1948-2011 was a friend of ourselves. He used to play football with my husband Denis Madigan Stanton. He married Helen Madigan Rankine Fee 1953-1999. I also worked beside Helen for a number of years.

Daughter Loretta Fusco 1921-2018

RALPH FUSCO [Morrison] 1923-1946

George Fusco 1925-1988


SALVATORE, or SAM  FUSCO – The Morrison connections.  Salvatore, or Sam as he was known was born around 1893 in Bradford.  Like his siblings moved to Edinburgh with his family.  Unlike his siblings, Sam’s profession was one of Hairdresser.  Some time in or before 1919, Sam  met Wilhelmina Neilson Morrison, whose father was a Shoemaker, and the couple married  on  16th June 1919.  They married at 5 Greyfriar’s Place in Edinburgh in presence of his brother Joseph Fusco who was described as a serving soldier at the time, who would have been his ‘best man’  and Netty Fusco, his sister as the Maid of Honour.    The marriage however was signed by the Sheriff Substitute of Lothian and Peebles, so it was a registered official wedding.  At this time, just after the 1st WW this was a regular occurance in Scotland.

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