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CASSINO and her children


I would like to dedicate this particular page on our family website  in honour of the Italians from Cassino, Picinisco, Sant-Elia Fiumerapido, Arpino  and surrounding areas who left Italy, like so many more of their countrymen, at the time of the Unification of Italy.   Many of them walked from Italy, through France and crossed on the ferries over the English Channel to England, progressing northwards to Wales and Scotland.

The highest concentration of Italian-Scots are from this area, followed closely by the Italians who came over from Barga and her surrounding hamlets [this is the place or my own family’s origins]   Of course many left also for the New World and our connections today are still strong with extended families who sailed the Atlantic.

I must include this photograph, our link to many of the families from the Region.  Francesca was born in Sant-Elia Fiumerapido.  She married Augusto Quilietti and  they are photographed here in Edinburgh with their daughter Angelina Quilietti

I particularly wish to hightlight the great work done on The Cassino  Immigration Group on Facebook.    Jackie Bryant and Jamie Capaldi, who are only two of many who do the most wonderful job of  this webpage.  It is so interesting for myself as an avid enthusiast to see all their photos and to read their archives.  The thing is that everyone who joins the group seem to be related through one link or another, I kid you not.

These are but a few of the wonderful photographs that this dynamic duo post on an almost daily basis.  Please contact me if you have any favourites you would like me to include here.

Pasquale Capaldi circa 1920 - Travelling Musicians were a way of life  They travelled in groups throughout Europe playing their instruments including zampogne which were bagpipes from the ciociaria area. They also put on puppet shows. Origins of Punch and Judy. You will find our ancestors travelled and worked from Russia through France and Germany to the UK.


There are many of the families from this region who are now entertwined with our own, Arpino, Fusco, Cascarino, Neri, Valente, D’Agostino, Capaldi, Di Placido, Costello are only but a few.


Great photo of Carlo Capaldi, age two and a half

Giuseppe Calapdi 1874-1918 Italian Neapolital Singer

This lovely photo says it all


The Cascarino Clan  Gaetano Cascarino is the chap at the back on the left with the black moustache. The lady in front of him is his wife Pasquarella Lanni (k/a Pasqualina). In the back row, third from the right is Frances Cascarina.Â

Valente and Ranaldi families - photo taken in Cassino

An Edinburgh Wedding taken by a photographer Drummond Shiels at 70/72 Lauriston Place, Edinburgh.

I personally love this photo. Love the baby on the cart - just wonderful - Minchella family (early 1900's) Bradford  - and they are all smiling - a rarity in those daysÂ

Now identified as the Izzi SistersÂ

Italian Trattoria

Miele family  Anna Rosa Miele circa 1932 in  Caira, Cassino

Anna Rosa D'Ambrosio & Natalino Miele Wedding December 1925 in Edinburgh, with her Brother Antonio D'Ambrosio & Theresa Edward.

The Ferri family from Picinisco circa 1927

The Rea family from Picinisco settled in Middlesborough in England


Unknown ITALIAN Commiunity

Maria Melaragni nee Crolla 1876 Italy

Another great photo. Â The babies are Angelo and Lovigio Capaldo with their mum. Â Photo taken about 1909.

another Edinburgh Wedding Paolo Coppola - Maria Civita Di Marco Wedding 1905 Edinburgh


Demarco  This was De Marco and Arcari Family around 1915, Edinburgh!

Clerkenwell, London, Little Italy

musicians Harry Nolan sax,Laurence Fenelly, Sammy Pacitti, Louie Peruzzi. Â The Peruzzi family were intertwined with the Quilietti and Brattesani families


Jamie Capaldi, here are my maternal Italian grandparents. Michele Fallone (b 1880) and Carolina (Vettraino b 1883). They were married on 17 April 1904 at Belmonte Castello. Also in picture is Domenico Vettraino (Gran's brother - husband of 'Auntie Minnie'). Michele and Carolina are also great-grandparents of Mike Fallone, Angela Fallone and Carolina Stavrinides - my nieces, nephew - once removed. Michele's parents were Felice Fallone and Rosa Fortura (although Mike may have another version). Hope this gives you an insight.

A photograph taken in San Michele about 1920, on the left are Giovanni Cece standing in front of his mother Apollonia di Placido / Cece, at top right is Felippo Cece, others, I believe are Apollonia's family, possibly father and nephew.

For those who haven't seen it this is the complete family picture of Luigi Capaldi and Domenica Tomasso. Â Left to right Back row: Angelina, Ernesto, Annie, Peter, middle row: Jimmy, Domenica, Johnny (damaged part of picture poorly touched up), Luigi, Laura, front row: Mary and Steven.

Jamie Capaldi is here on the bottom left


Jacky Bryant


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  1. jackie bryant says:

    Helen, thanks for lovely comments, just to say the photo of the three unknown ladies are in fact Izzi sisters.

  2. Helen says:

    thanks Jackie. A nice photo of yourself would be great

  3. I see you have posted our family wedding photo twice above but credited to two different families. It is the 1921 wedding of Carmen Di Tommaso and Virginia Capaldi (who is my grandmother). There has been some controversy over Pasquale Capaldi (the father of Virginia Capaldi) which has led to some mislabelling of photos. In addition I have now had a couple of corrections to the 1921 wedding group which I would be grateful if you would delete the two photos you have an insert the correctly labelled photo.

    Please let me know your email so I can share it with you – I will also be posting it on Jamie’s page Cassino Italian Imigrants. Kind regards – and this is a wonderful site too.

  4. Helen says:

    Not sure which photos were incorrect Sue so I have deleted them both. Thanks for letting me know about the inaccuracies. Helen

  5. Lorraine Mackie says:

    Hi, My grandfather was Antonio Fallone a son of Michel & Carolina Fallone. I have a copy of the photo on this site of the Fallone’s. I have very fond memories of Aunt Julia who visited often. My mothers name was Yolanda Vettriano Fallone.


    You used to have a wedding photo of my mother’s aunt Angelina Franco and her husband Joe Fusco?

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