The Quilietti Family

The story of a Scots Italian family


Since joining several Italian online groups I would really like to share with you cousins some clippings which have been posted online regarding some not too savoury Italians who were famous enough to get their stories printed in the local papers


from Edinburgh with love

more Grassmarket nonsense

boy falls from a window

79 Grassmarket – where Augusto Quilietti lived

more from Edinburgh

De Placido

Capaldi from England

from London

from Bristol

Dangerous times

from the road to Dundee1895 guns in Edinburgh

trouble in Sicily 1894

Lorenzo Brattesani 1939

Lorenzo part 2

Giuseppe and Cesare Brattesani 1933

Luvedico Brattesani 1939

Vittorio death 5 March 1948

The Chippie’s on Fire 10 June 1935




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