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ARPINO Francesca Juliette

Francesca  Juliette Arpino  married Augusto Quilietti in Edinburgh in the year 1893.   They married at the Church of the Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Lauriston, Edinburgh. Francesca was the daughter of Benedetto Arpino and Benedetta Francato Cascarino.

Francesca Arpino Quilietti was the youngest


The family moved from Sant Elia Fiumarapido to Bradford in England sometime in the 1880s with her older sister Michaengela and her new husband Benedetto Fusco.  Both branches remained in the region for a while but there was some scandal to do with Francesca and her brother which caused an uproar at the time.    From here they moved up to Edinburgh.

Francesca Arpino was born in 1873 in Sant’Elia Fiumerapido, a small town and commune in the Province of Frosinone in Lazio, Italy. Her father, Benedetto Arpino, was 40, and her mother, Benedetta Francato Cascarino, was 34. The youngest of five children, she was preceded by Michelangella, Nicolo, Maria, and Giuseppi.

It is assumed that Francesca and her family followed suit, as they too can next be found in England, in Kendal.

Not guilty


Here, Francesca’s father, Benedetto was arrested in 1889, when Francesca herself accused him of ‘indecent assault’. She was 15 years old at the time. Francesca alleged that the assault happened while her mother was visiting family in Bradford and she was alone with her father. However, Benedetto alleged that the assault was fabricated by Francesca, as she was angry that her father would not let her marry her brother. Ultimately, the verdict was not guilty.   Today we will never know the truth but only have this documentation to go with.  We do know however that Francesca’s father and mother moved up to Edinburgh and they all remained close until their deaths in 1913 and 1919.

Benedetto Fusco with some of his family


Saint’Elia Fiumerapido is where Francesca was born.  Nearby Cassino, Arpino and Piciniso where many of our related families originated.  The whole region is full to bursting with family history


Francesca and Augusto’s descendants, Angelina, husband John and Mary and Charlie Arpino

The Arpino  family had  already established themselves in Edinburgh and they had a shop in the  Grassmarket area of the city where they traded as ice cream manufacturers and confectioners.  Some of the family had arrived at first in London and made their way up to Manchester where the Italian community there was well established in the 1860s.

Arpino in Lazio in Southern Italy

Arpino is located on a hillside overlooking a valley

Arpino lies in the region of Lazio in the Province of Frozinone near Naples in the South of Italy.  The folks who live there are called ‘Arpinato’.  Their Saint is Madona of Loreto and is celebrated on the 10th of December each year. The ancient city of Arpinum dates back to at least the 7th century BC.  From this town many travelled to Britain.  In Scotland we have Arpino, Fusco, Gargaro, Capaldi, Neri, Coppola, De Marco, Valente  and many more relations from this town who are somewhat connected through marriage to everyone else.

Francesca Arpino Quilietti centre.   Mother Benedetta, daughter Angelina Quilietti at the back with her three children

Beautiful photo of Arpino

The Church of the Sacred Heart, Edinburgh

The Church of the Sacred Heart, Edinburgh

Francesca’s  father was Benedetto  Arpino and her mother was Benedetta Franceta Cascarino.  The witnesses were George Antonelli and his wife Dora.   The friendship with this couple would span the next decade.

Francesca Arpino shown here in the 1891 Scottish census. She and her brother Nicolo are residing at 85 Grassmarket.  Both described as Musicians at the time, a profession well established within the Italian community.

You can see from the census above that the Arpino siblings were residing with the Antonelli family at 85 Grassmarket in Edinburgh.   Both families were from Picinisco.   The Antonelli’s were already in the Confectionery line and that they started off in London where their eldest daughter Dora was born in 1879.  The families remained close and one of the Antonelli children are interred with the Quilietti family in Easter Road Cemetery in Edinburgh.


Of course Edinburgh’s Grassmarket in those days was home to many immigrants but especially Irish and Italians.   You only have to cast your eyes over the 1891 cencus to see how many were crammed into these old tenements.   The street itself was used as a marketplace and had been throughout the centuries.  Horses would have drawn the carts full of the goods to be sold at the markets.  These goods would have been local vegetables mostly with meat stalls and fish from the Forth Estuary.

Augusto and Angelina had two daughters, Angelina born on April 6th 1894, and on 4th August 1898, Ermennia, [known as Amelia] born on 4th August 1898. Unfortunately Amelia was to pass away at the tender age of only 1 .   She died at 45 The Canongate.

After the death of Augusto Quilietti in 1904 his widow Francesca moved back to Paris to join family there.  Angelina became fluent in Franch.  After some years Francesca remarried  an Englishman called Wallace Bain who I believe was a butcher by trade.

Francesca Quilietti Arpino marriage to Wallace Bain



.   However forty years after the death of her beloved Augusto in the year 1943 at the age of 70 Francesca was laid to rest beside him in Easter Road Cemetery in the family plot.

Francesca Arpino’s death. She describes her husband Augusto Quilietti as a Marble Sculptor


The descendants of Augusto Quilietti and Francesca Arpino are still very much alive and kicking and through our family website we have regained contact with them.   Here below are a few of their descendants.

James J. Reid – Artist, lives and works in London

JJ Reid

Great Grandchildren Palma Green and Pricilla Wahlberg

Arpino family descendants

in Roma

Angel DebonoBeautiful descendant



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