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QUILIETTI Alan 1960-2020

Alan Quilietti was born on 25th March 1960.   He was the second born son of Giulio Quilietti and Irene Park.

Alan, Grace and daughter Sarah

Alan played football for Hibernian for a while

Chris and Sarah

Alan, Grace and Sarah

Alan  married Grace Margaret Mcgarvie whose family  is of Irish descent.   They settled in Falkirk where their two children were born

SARAH born 14th November 1991.  Sarah attended St. Mungo’s High in Falkirk.  She is also an avid football fan who plays for Falkirk  and supports her favourite team Hibernian.

Sarah was Captain for the day

with Granny Quilietti

CHRISTOPHER born 19th July 1995

with his gran and sister Sarah

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  1. alan quilietti says:

    hi finally had a look at the site. just to say graces,maiden name is spelt Mcgarvey
    the kids dates of birth are sarah 14/11/91 christophers is 17/07/95
    i,ll work on sending you photos later alan

  2. Helen says:

    Hi cousin, thanks for the info. Need a bit help with your mum and dad’s pages and a bit about yourselves would be great

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