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Attilio Brattesani

We have received a comment from Nicole who informs us that on the headstone of Attilio Brattesani is the name of Louigia Costella.  Nicole’s family name is Costella and informs us that the family are also from Borgo val da Tora in Italy.

Nicole’s family I will insert in a new page called The Costella Borga connections

Attilio Brattesani

Outside his shop

a younger Attilio

Attilio Brattesani was the son of Antonio Brattesani.  He was the father of Luisa Brattesani who married into the Tagliavini family from the same town.  Luigi Tagliavini in the son of Luisa.

4 Responses to “BRATTESANI, Attilio”

  1. Rosemary Lean says:

    I’ve just been reading the information on the website about my Grandfather Giovanni Batista Brattesani and have opened this page to find the copies of the pictures I have of Attillio Brattesani. The information above is very interesting. Where is Attillio buried and who is Louigia Costella? What is the background history?

    My cousin Luigi Tagliavini’s mother was a Brattesani and they live in Borgotaro. I visited with him in the Spring in Fontenallato. He photocopied the above photos for me but I have no idea where Attillio settled in Scotland or any other information. I am sure he would be interested – as indeed would I. Please contact me. Kind regards Rosemary Lean

  2. Helen says:

    have inserted the graveyard information. The grave is in Borgo as far as I am led to believe. Rosemary I am still searching for information on Attilio in Scotland but there are no official records in that name. I am just wondering if he used another Christian name in Scotland as Attilio is so unusual. If the records are in Scotland I still have to track them down. But I am still trying. Helen

  3. Luigi Tagliavini says:

    Attilio era mio nonno e era in Scozia con altro suo fratello.La toba si trova nel cimitero di Borgo Val di Taro Mia Mamma Luisa sa il nome del fratello di Attilio presto lo scrivo.

  4. Luigi tagliavini says:

    Attilio Brattesani è mio nonno e aveva 2 fratelli uno si chiamava Lodovico ed è morto in campo di concentramento in Inghilterra durante la 2 guerra mondiale altro fratello si chiamava Giovanni.
    Il negozio di mio nonno Attilio si trovava in Ediburgo.
    La tomba di Attilio si trova nel cimitero di Borgo val di Taro insieme a Luigia Costella che era la mamma di Attilio.
    Suo fratello Giovanni anche lui ha girato tutta la Scozia. Hanno lavorato in Ediburgo Glasgow, Cuper, Abardeen

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