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ARPINO connections BRISTOL

THE ARPINO family from Sant’ Elia Fiumerapido were many. I have recently had correspondence from Sherri Webber who lives in Bristol and who is grandaughter of Marino Arpino who was born in Sant’Elia Fiumerapido in Lazio in Italy in 1862

lovely portrait  of Sherri


Sherri with family

old photo of wine Street in Bristol, love the name

Quilietti/Arpino/Clemente connections

Sherri’s lines

  TOMMASO ARPINO was born in 1820 in Sant’Elia Fiumerapido in Lazio in Italy.    His wife was Francesca Clemente.   The village is home to many of the families who fled Italy in the middle of the 1860s to flee the famine and strife after the Unification of Italy.  They had several children of whom we have traced the lines below


Marino Arpino– direct line 9 October 1862.  Marino  married twice.  His first was to his Italian girl   Michela Viola.  They married in Italy in 1884.   They had one son Antonio Arpino who emigrated to Detroit in 1910.   Antonio went on to marry Terersa Fionda.

Marino's First marriage To  Michela Viola

  • Marino’s  Second wife was  English and her name was Charlotte Maria Parsons.  They married in 1903.  They went on to have seven children
  • GERALDO ARPINO Born 1905
  • GIOVANNI ARPINO Born 1912-1997
  • LUCIA ARPINO Born 1914-19167
  • DOMENICO ARPINO Born 1916-1991
Domenico is Sherri’s grandfather.  Her mother is Grace Maria Arpino
In 1911 the Marino and his family lived at 22 Charles Street, St. James’ District in Bristol.  His profession was ice cream vendor.
  • Grace became  a hairdresser and worked in  Bristol.  She has memories of the Italian Community in Bristol which was in an area called St. James’.  
  • Bristol at this time was a dropping off point for immigrants wanting to board liners for America.  But history tells us of course that many stayed on and settled in the town.  She recalls her family ties with the Capaldi  and Ricci families from the area and even remembers addresses where they lived in Bristol.  Grace also remembers the link between the Fionda family and Antonio Arpino.  
  • Loreta Arpino 22nd November 1850
  • Benedetto Orazio Arpino– 5th November 1856 – died in Bristol in 1920.

    Benedetto's birth

    – Benedetto married Carolina D’Agistino, another family from the same village.  They married in 1884 in Sant’Elia when she was 17 years old.  They emigrated to Bristol after the birth of their two daughters in Italy.  Maria Giuseppa was born in 1887 and Maria Antonia in 1892.   Here they remained until  Carolina died prematurely at the age of 32.

  •  Their daughter Maria Antonia married into the mighty Capaldi Clan.  Giovanni Capaldi was born in Italy on May 7th 1887.  His parents were Giuseppe Capaldi and Maria Tedesco

    Birth Maria Antonia

  • Their daughter Maria Giuseppa married Domenico Rotendo and they had one son Albertus who died at birth

    Maria Giuseppa with her husband

  • Domenico Arpino 1859

    old photo of Bristol

    1901 census showing Benedetto Arpino age 46 - Born 1854 with daughters Giuseppa and Antonia. Â Benedetto was an Organ Grinder. Â Their neighbours above are his wife's brother and kids

    with hubby


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