The Quilietti Family

Your Quilietti family heritage



Jimmy and Anne Stanton


Jimmy and his pal James Mackay making their way to the Jewel Club for a night of rock and roll

Jimmy with brother Peter circa 1960

Great photo of Scott and sister Lynn

Jimmy with Scott and Lynn

Jimmy and Lynn with some football player whose name I don't know

Jimmy and his wife  Anne Fotheringham

Dashing at Lynn's wedding. Photo with his mum Mary Sutherland and aunty Annie



Jimmy Stanton with wife Ann, daughter Lynn and grandson Mark. Also son-in-law Jack Merchant

Jimmy's great grand-daughters Maria and Maia Connett

the Wedding

Mark on Civvy Street

Lynn with her grandma Mary Sutherland and Eckie Miller. Mary and Eckie were friends from when they lived as children in the southside of Edinburgh

young Jimmy Stanton was fitbaw mad

Mark with his wife and daughter MARIA

Mark's family


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