The Quilietti Family

The story of a Scots Italian family

QUILIETTI Theresa 1916-1998

Theresa Quiliotti [as registered] was born on 16th June 1916 at 2 Wilson’s Court, 134 The Canongate, Edinburgh.

Theresa with her brother Sonny  and mum

Her father was Jiulio Quilietti described as a ‘coachman’ at this time although he would have been in the Army at the time.  Her mother was Elizabeth Wilson.

I took this photo. The occasion was Theresa’s birthday. We have a lovely photo of the Quilietti clan branch Giulio

Everyone who knew Theresa knew her as a colourful character.  She would always call a spade a spade.   Something like myself I think [author].

In her youth she was very beautiful and had the Italian genes.    She loved to look Italian and always wore her hair in the style fashionable in her prime.

Theresa photograph taken in Canada while visiting her sister Valli

Her first marriage was to Sam Kelly Turner.  They were married on 21st December 1932.  Sam was a fruit salesman and Theresa worked in his shop.  They lived at 36 Lochend Avenue.   They had four children

JUNE TURNER born 22nd June 1932.  She married Tony De Placido.

June Turner and Tony De-Placido

MAY TURNER was born 1936.   She married TAM MURRAY.  They left here for Australia and are still there today. May and Tam have two children Dientje  and Craig Campbell.

The Australian branch of the Murray family.  Craig was celebrating his first birthday when this snap was taken

Dientje has two children Thomas and Claire. Craig has one son Campbell Hamish Murray.

Craig, Claire and Thomas was written on the reverse of this photo

BRIAN  SAMUEL  TURNER was born on 6th May  1947.  He married  Lilian ( Maiden name Wilson ) interestingly enough the same surname as our Grandmother. Brian and Lil have one daughter Deanne who was at university with Jamie Stanton.   They did not know they were second-cousins until their Graduation Day when Helen spotted Brian and introduced herself.

Brian, Deanne and Lil

DAVID  JOHN MATHERS  TURNER born 16th April 1954.  David  is married to Catherine and they have two sons, David Paul and Ryan Samuel  HE  lives in Barnton.

After the death of Sam Turner Theresa met and married  JAMES DUNCAN COWAN or ‘Von’ Cowan


who worked in the brewery at the time.   Von, who was a real gentleman,  with a splendid personality, was a well known character in the old town.   In later years he had a newspaper stand just opposite the Tron Church.

Von and Teresa in Canada
May, Tam and family, The Australian line of the family

They had one son Graham Cowan

Graham photographed here with uncle Bobby Quilietti in 1998

who was born on 6th May 1958.   Graham remained very close with his mum and dad and looked after them both in their old age.  He kept them young with all his coming and goings with his children and latterly grandchildren.

Crystal and Graham
Siblings Cowan
Clan Cowan. Theresa would have loved this Clan Gathering

Theresa and Von loved their holidays and would travel frequently to Canada to visit her sister Valli.  Whilst holidaying there one year they visited the Ponderosa Ranch.  If you don’t know what that is then you should be ashamed of yourself.   It was here that the family met ‘Hoss Cartwright’ who was the big-lad on the Ranch.   Theresa would always speak about this event in her life as one of life’s hightlights.

They would go on coach holidays to Italy and I believe that they went to Malta as well.

Theresa and Hoss Cartwright
The Ponderosa

Graham married Jackie and they have three lovely children Crystal, Graham and Jo.   Crystal has two boys and Graham at the last count has six children………..and the name lives on.

Von Cowan at his newspaper stand in the Royal Mile. He was a well known Edinburgh character

Theresa died on 15th February 1998 at her home on the High Street.

Teresa with sister Valli
Her Grandaughter’s wedding day

She is still missed very much by her family.

Iain Quilietti spoke these words at her funeral

‘VON Graham and family have asked me to speak on their behalf.

Theresa’s relationship was strong with her family’   She was a great grandmother to Kalin who was a very special great grandson to her.  Jo her youngest grandaughter kept her going.   Her grandaughter Crystal and Grandson Graham always had a special place in her heart.

Graham, her son, will always keep her memory alive through her grandchildren and will himself always have fond memories of his mother.

Theresa will also be remembered by June, May, Brian and David from her first marriage to Sammy Turner.

Theresa was a loving wife to Von.   She was his life.   Von will miss her more than words can say.   Remember Von when you came home on a Friday night without the fish suppers.  The rolling pin will still be there.  She might not have had good sight in later life, but she will still be watching over you.

Theresa will be sadly missed by her brother Robert and sisters Lula, Betty and Vally.  Also by her friends, especially close friends Rye, Margaret, Eleanor and Tootsie.

May we ask each person here to raise a smile in memory of Theresa and to say goodbye as we will never forget her.

She may be gone, memories of her though will linger on and we will all miss Theresa in our own ways, for our own reasons.   So let us each reflect for a moment on what made her special to us.

God bless Theresa

She lived for those she loved and those she loved remember her today.

Resting place of Theresa Quilietti at Easter Road Cemetery, Edinburgh.

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  1. Lil Turner says:

    Just a wee update on the Turner family.

    Brian Turner married to Lilian ( Maiden name Wilson ) interestingly enough the same surname as our Grandmother. Brian and Lil have one daughter Deanne ( Correct spelling )

    May and Tam Murray ( Australia ) have two children Dientje (Correct spelling ) and Craig Campbell. Dientje has two children Thomas and Claire. Craig has one son Campbell Hamish Murray.

    Sammy Turner’s had a middle name which was Kelly. Everything else appears to be ok.

    David John Mathers Turner is married to Catherine and they have two sons, David Paul and Ryan Samuel

  2. Richard Speroni says:

    Hi, I was looking online for some old photographs that were damaged (scratches, tears and so forth) and I came across 2 of them on your website. My purpose is to practice and enhance my skills at restoring these kinds of images. So I am asking if I may have your permission to use the 2 images for that purpose. If I am successful at restoring them, I would be interested in posting them online as a sample of my work. I would not leave identifying info from the pictures and I will provide copies of the restored pictures to you.

    The first picture is of Theresa with her brother Sonny and mum.( this picture is of very low resolution and may not produce acceptable results)

    The other is the one of Theresa Quilietti

    By the way, I came upon this website when I searched my family name, Speroni

    Thanks for your consideration.

  3. Helen says:

    Thanks for your comment Richard Speroni. These photos are our own family photos and I would be honoured if you could help restore them. I have e.mailed you direct. Great to know that you are a descendant of the Speroni Clan. Helen

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