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Angela’s lost photos 7

ok here we go.  This batch of photographs are perhaps all the same line.  They are perhaps the Maria Brattisani line.  Can anyone help us here please

Unknown perhaps a Fusco lady

Another unknown lady

Mystery lady again

perhaps taken in Portobello

The next one is another mystery but these photos were all the same era

Signed at the back from Mr. & Mrs. John Fusco. But who are these two folks - now confirmed as Joseph Fusco and Angela Franco. Please see comment below. Thanking grandaughter Kristine for getting in touch.


Is this Maria again

Was this Maria Brattisani Fusco

Joseph Fusco taken 1926 and sent to his aunt Rosa

Fusco kiddiewinkies?

Very beautiful lady

Two Fuscos in Porty perhaps?

Who was this lovely lady

Mystery lady is she Mary Brattisani Fusco

Posing in her fur coat, real fur of course

And the two lads again

Two lads again

Group outing this time, who were these people, were they a family, a work outing, a Church group or what.   Does anyone recognise the folks here

A day out

This baby was Noel Fusco.   Photograph was taken when he was 1 year 6 months and according to his mum he was in a happy mood that day.   Photograph was sent to his aunt Rose in Aberdeen and found 100 years later in London, England.

Cheeky Chappy now confirmed as Noel Fusco age 1 year 6 months. He was in a good mood that day

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  1. Kristine Connelly says:

    HI I am Joseph and Angela FUSCO’s granddaughter. My mother is Monica WIeczorek (nee FUSCO). I believe the wedding couple are my grandparents JOseph FUSCO and Angela Franco.

  2. Helen says:

    Hello and thanks for getting in touch with us. I am now going onto the page to insert your comments. The photographs have been forwarded back to Scotland from our cousin Angela Giulianotti whose mum had these treasures in the back of her wardrobe for many years. It is just lovely to see the faces of these lost ancestors. Thanks again.


    Kristine Connelly U believe your mother is my mother’s first cousin.My grandmother was your grandmother’s sister mar y franco.


    Angela and Joe were my mother’s Aunt and Uncle.My grandparents were mar y Franco and Robert Max Gibbon.My great grand parents Carlos Franco and Andreana Fallone from Belmonte Castello.
    Andreas parents were Felice Fallone and Rosa Fortuna.
    I would love any history of information on them.

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