The Quilietti Family

The story of a Scots Italian family


The Quilietti connections with the Crawfords, the Walkers and the Denholms are via Peggy Morrison who married Joseph Quilietti.

These connected surnames all belong to Peggy’s side of the family.

Peggy’s dad was Alexander Morrison and he married Helen Denholm Crawford.  The marriage took place  on 28th January 1921 at Lady Glenorchy’s Parish Church, Edinburgh.

Lady’s Glenorchy Church was sited on Greenside Place, Edinburgh.  The family were Church of Scotland and were proud of their prodesantism.

Helen Denholm Crawford who married Alexander Morrison in 1921.

A wee bit about the church.  In December 1843 the site of the building was purchased by a newly Established Free Congregation emanating from that of the original Chapel taken over and demolished by the Railway. In May 1846 the church was opened. Grant in “Old and New Edinburgh” refers to the building as “a low, square, squat-looking tower, with a facade in the tudor style forming a new front to an old house pierced with the entrance to Lady Glenorchy’s Free Church, which stands immediately behind it”. The organ base was designed by George Washington Browne, R.S.A. and inaugurated in 1902.

The Church stands on Greenside Place, Edinburgh, and after being used for many years as business premises for various furniture outlets it was demolished with the rest of Greenside in the 1070s.   The facade however still stands as that was listed

Helen Denholm Crawford Morrison 'MA' 1972

Lady Glenorchy's church, where Helen Denholm Crawford married Alex. Morrison in the year 1921.

Helen Denholm Crawford, or Ma Morrison as she became affectionately known, was born at 1 St. John’s Street, the Canongate, Edinburgh on  11th November 1901.  They had 13 children including Peggy Morrison.   Both Ma and Peggy were two of  the most beautiful ladies  that I have ever known, with their wonderful soft natures and an they always had an open house for all their sisters, brothers, children and grandchildren.


Helen’s,  father was Edward Murphy Crawford, a fishmonger by trade,  who was born in 1886 and who died on 10th May 1917 in Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.

Helen’s  mother was  Jessie Walker.[or JANET WALKER]


Great Granny Crawford

Jessie was born in 1875 in the Canongate District in Edinburgh.   Her father was John Walker and he was born in Musselburgh in the year 1852. His mother’s name was Johanna Walker [b1812] and he was illigitamate.  He worked as a Stoker  in the Gasworks.   He lived at No. 38 New Street, which is just off the High Street in Edinburgh  John  married Helen Denholm  at 3 St. John’s Street on 31st December 1874.

Jessie Walker was one of  several children, some of whom we have mentioned below and several of whom we have still to trace.

John Walker 1881 census 38 New Street, Edinburgh

  • JESSIE WALKER was the eldest and she was born in 1875 in the Canongate.   She married Edward Murphy Crawford – THIS is our direct line

    Janet Walker, great granny


  • MARION WALKER was born ion 4th March i  the year 1877 at No. 160Tthe Canongate, Edinburgh.
  • HELEN WALKER was born on 4th January  1879 in the  38 New Street, The  Canongate, Edinburgh./
  • MARGARET WALKER was born on 25th March  1881 at the family home at 38 New Street the Canongate.
  • JAMES ALEXANDER  WALKER was born on 11th August 1885 at 1 St. John’s Street, Edinburgh. .
  • SAMUEL WALKER was born on 4th November  1888 at 2 Dunbar’s Close, Canongate, Edinburgh
  • DAVID WALKERwas born ion 2nd May  1891 at 57 the Canongate, Edinburgh
  • WILLIAM  PATERSON WALKERwas born on 22nd April 1896 at 4 Chessel’s Court, Canongate, Edinburgh
  • Jessie died in 1944 of Heart Disease at the house of her daughter Helen at 50 Niddrie Mains Terrace, Edinburgh.   Her usual residence was 10 Hay Avenue.   Her son Sam Crawford who lived at 34 Niddrie Mains Drive was also present at her death.



Jessie Walker and Edward Murphy Crawford were married on September 6th 1901 in Leith , just two months before Helen was born.   They had several children.

  • Helen Denholm Crawford born 1st December 1901 at 1 St. John’s Street, Canongate, Edinburgh.
  • John Walker Crawford Born 28th December 1908 at 6 Chessels Court, Canongate. Edinburgh.
  • William Crawford born 2nd February 1914 in 9 Ashley Buildings, High Street.  He married Helen…………..and they lived in Abbeyhill Colonies until they died.

    Willie Crawford in Uniform

  • Edward Crawford was  born on 4th March 1904
  • Rose Crawford was born on 21st July 1906 in 6 Chessels Court, Canongate.  She married Charles Kane
  • Sam Crawford was born on 10th July 1911 in 6 Chessel’s Court, Canongate, Edinburgh
  • James Crawford was born on 29th November 1917 in 2 Chessel’s Court, The Canongate, Edinburgh.

    Rosie Crawford Kane


Helen Denholm married JOHN WALKER.  [these are Ma Morrison’s grandparents].

Helen Denholm’s parents were James Denholm who was born in 1818 in Kinghorn in  Fife.  He married Janet Anderson on 12th November 1849 in St. Cuthbert’s Parish Church in Edinburgh.   They had at least four children

HELEN DENHOLM born 9th November 1853 – our direct line

MARY DENHOLM born 1839

Helen Denholm's marriage to John Walker 1894




There would have been more children which we have still to trace

IN 1891 James Denholm, age 73, was residing at 12 Gladstone Place, Edinburgh with his wife Janet age 65.  He was described as a Last Maker. Their daughter Janet who was born in 1852 was residing with them at this time.

  • James Crawford, brother of Helen Denholm Crawford Morrison


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