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ARPINO connections FUSCO

THE FUSCO FAMILY is connected to the Quilietti’s through two sides of our family tree.

The first connection is via our Brattessani side

The next connection is via our Arpino side

The surname Fusco comes the Italian fusco ‘dark’ – or from the  latin  fuscus  and would mean someone with dark hair or dark complexion.  The first recorded spelling of the name was in 1581 with an Angelo Fusco who was a witness of a christening at Pontelandolfo in Benevento.

Today the Fusco family have a family site on facebook and many family videos on


We shall start via the Arpino side.  Augusto Quilietti married Francesca Arpino in Edinburgh on 20th August 1893.  Augusto is our 2nd Great Grand Uncle and the brother of Emilio Quilietti our 2nd Great Grandfather.

Francesca had six siblings, one of whom was Michael Angelo Arpino her elder brother by 19 years.  He was born in Italy in the town of Sant’Elia Fiumerapido in the year 1860.

Fusco is one of the more common Italian surnames and are now distributed throughout the world.  Many of the Fusco family travelled to the New World and America  and here we find a wonderful link to the Fusco’s from Scanno and Raiano in Italy

The Fusco family made their way north via England leaving via Naples entering the U.K. in the South of the Country.  Some of the Fusco family remained in England in Clerkenwell, where Italian immigrants had claimed this part of the city as their own little Italy.   Others travelled further north and settled in Bradford.  The 1871 English Census tells us that there were only 5.063 people of Italian birth in the whole of the Country.  The hub of this was in London is Clerkenwell.   The dispersal started shortly thereafter as conditions became more and more difficult for the newer immigrants.  They moved north to Manchester and settled in the Ancoats district.  Some smaller groups tried the smaller cities and many moved to Wales and Scotland.

Italian immigrants in Clerkenwell

It was in Bradford that Michael met his to-be wife Benedicta Fusco.   Her parents were Pasquale Fusco and Celeste D’Agostino.  They married in Bradford in 1879 and their daughter Maria Madelina Arpino was born soon after their marriage.

This branch of the Fusco were what is described as a cosmopolitan lot with street musicians and statue sellers amongst them.

In the same year her brother married Michaelangella Arpino who was two years his senior, born in 1858 also fell for one of the Fusco’s.  He was Benedetto Fusco.  They also married in Bradford in the year 1879.  The whole of the Arpino family and the Fusco’s for whatever reason decided to try Scotland and they moved to Edinburgh and settled here.

old Edinburgh - The Grassmarket

This coupling resulted in the birth of 12 children.  This branch of the Arpino family still live in and around Edinburgh.

These 12 children were nieces and nephews of Augusto Quilietti and Francesca Arpino.

Descendents of this branch of the family are still living in and around Edinburgh today – 2010.

the Region of Sant'Elia Fiumerapido in Italy

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  1. Greetings from sunny Florida,

    My name is Robert Gregory Fusco, son of Gregory Joseph Fusco (lost on USS Thresher 1963), son of Libborrio Anthony Fusco (Fusco’s Italian Restaurant) of Endicott, New york. Son of Gregorio Fusco from Scanno Italy. I would enjoy making contact with the Fusco family from other parts of America or Italy. My family doesn’t have any knowledge of the were abouts of my Great Grandfathers 1st cousin Alfonso Fusco, if you or any other family know, please contact me. All of my family, past & present are important to myself & my immediate family. I can be contacted at the below e-mails. Ciao for now & salute’ ROBERT.FUSCO@EGLIN.AF.MIL or RGFRLF2@AOL.COM

  2. Angela Fusco says:

    Hello Robert,

    I am Angela Fusco. Alfonso was my great-grandfather. His son Nunzio, had a son named Leslie, who is my father. I live in Pittsburgh. I was just looking at Laura Lancione’s website and had never noticed the link to your page ! Please feel free to contact me, if you like.


    Angela M. Fusco

  3. HI my name is raffaello fusco born in London of an Italian family. My mother was
    born in cerasuolo central Italy in 1896 she eventually married my father Antonio
    fusco. My father was born in London like his brothers and sisters.My grandparents
    were also born in Italy in cerasuolo as was my great grandparents.I wonder if any
    of the fusco,s are in anyway related to my family.Also I am related to the pacitti
    family,s on my mothers side I have cousins in America called verde of Baltimore.
    Hope you receive this e-mail regards raffaello.

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