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GIULIANOTTI Nicodemo line

This branch of the Giulianotti family come from a village just outside of Borgotora called Valenda. 
the village of Valdena belongs to the municipality of Borgo Val di Taro, in the province of Parma, region Emilia-Romagna.  

The village of Valdena is 4,54 kilometers far from the same town of Borgo Val di Taro to whom it belongs.  The local Church is S. Maria Assunta and the village today has some 80 parishiners

the view from Valdena

It was here that NICODEMO GIULIANOTTI married TERESA ZANRE.   Both families have much social interaction and we find brothers and sisters from both sets of family marrying.

Their son Luigi married Amabile Rossi .  They settled in Aberdeen and confectioners they became.

  •   They had son Roberto Alfonso Giulianotti who as we can see below married in 1936

Roberto marriage 1936

  • They had another son Prio Tranquili Giulianotti who was born in 1912.   He married Anita Berni.
  • Another son was Gialdo Valenarde Giulianotti and he was born in 1913 in Aberdeen.   He married Alice Hunter in Aberdeen Catholic Church on 26th January 1933.


Nicodemo had another son Eugenio Giulianotti.  He was born on 1st November 1892.  He married Rosa Delmestro.  Again they settled in Aberdeen.   They had four children

  1. Santino who was born in Italy in 1917.  He died in Aberdeen on 31st January 2007.


  2. Eugenio was born in Aberdeen in 1921.  He died in Aberdeen on  8th May 2005.
  3. Dino was born in Aberdeen in 1924 and died in Aberdeen on 4th April 1998.
  4. Amelio was born in 1921 and died age 7 in 1928.

    Death of Amelio

Nicodemo had 

Nicomedo had another son whom he called Nicodemo after himself of course.     This Nicodemo  maried Matilda Becci in Borgatoro on 6th February 1902.  Their children were  

  1. ALLESSANDRO GIOVANI GIULIANOTTI was born on 17th May 1902 at 15 St. Andrew Street, in Aberdeen, Scotland.  He married  Annie Pratt.  Three children, Lynda, Charles and Stella.  There was also a baby Alexander William John who died on broncho-pheuonia when he was only 1 month old.  The family at this time lived at Rosemount Viaduct in Aberdeen.    Alessandra at this time was serving in the army in the Pioneer Corps.

    baby Johnny died tragically when he was only 1 month old

  2.  ROBERT GILDO VITTORIO GIULIANOTTI was born in Aberdeen on 23rd November 1903.
  3. LYNDA GIULIANOTTI – Lynda married into the Fuggachi Clan and settled in London.  Children Armando, Rena and John
  4. GIUSEPPE GILDO VITTORIA GUILIANOTTI.   This boy very tragically died when he was only 1 year old of gastro enteritis.   Interesting to see here that Nicodemo signed with his x mark.

    Baby death

Luigi's death in Aberdeen in 1942

We have recently had correspondence from Lynda Giulianotti, granddaughter of Nicodemo.
My Name is Lynda Anderson, my maiden name was Giulianotti, my father was Alessandro Giovanni Giulianotti (Johnny) my mother was Annie Pratt (Nan) , I have two siblings ,Charles ,and Stella, another died in infancy ( little Johnny).
My grandparents were Nicodemo Giulianotti, and my grandmother was Matilda We think her maiden name was Ferrari.[she was in fact Matilda Becci] ,  They came to Aberdeen in the early 1900 , my father was born in Aberdeen however returned to Valdena as Matilda was unhappy .[Valenda is a small village beside Borgo Val da Tora ]  They owned the village pub ,which I believe is still there.My father had a sister Lynda who married a Fuggachi, I have three cousins , Armando,Rena ,and John,all live in the London area, I believe. I have one child who lives in Australia , we are trying to piece together some
information on my grandparents , it is difficult as both parents are now deceased, my father in 1980 , my mother in 2000. I never met my grandfather ,met my grandmother only once, I know the family lived in Valdena most of their lives and are buried there , we have few photos of them and none of my grandfather . It would be so good to have some information if anyone can help would appreciate thank you ,regards Lynda Andeson

Twists and Turns. This shows how the families are intertwined with Becci, Giulianotti, Coffrini and Ferrari. Ricardo and Angela are from Aberdeen although this particular marriage was in Arbroath in the year 1935



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  1. Norah Wood says:

    My husband’s great great grandparents on his mother’s Giulianotti side were Nicodemo Giulianotti and Matilde Becci. I have a few photographs of the graves taken when we visited Linda in Valdena. Is it possible to give me contact details for Lynda Giulianotti mentioned above.

  2. Helen says:

    sorry about the delay in replying. I am trying to find contact details amongst my stuff. will send on via your e.mail as soon as I find.

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