The Quilietti Family

The story of a Scots Italian family

BOYLE Jane 1901-1973

Jeannie Boyle’s tree to date 2021
Jeannie Boyle is at the right
Birth Jane Boyle November 3rd 1901 West Bonham, Whitburn, West Lothian. Parents James Boyle and Annie Kay
When they married in 1919 Joseph described himself as a Bachelor even although he was a widower. His father he called Alexander [Emilio] which may have been the anglosized version. Valentina Quilieti Brattesani as mum. Jeannie Walker Boyle was now her preferred name and she called her youngest daughter Jeannie
332 Lawnmarket today

Jeannie Boyle’s parents

Annie Kay’s parents

William George Kay 1825-1900 was born in the St. Pancreas area of central London. When his daughter Annie was married in 1888 the family lived at 24 Fifth Avenue, Queen’s Park in London and William George was an Artist.


This was the wedding of Jeannie’s youngest son Bobby Quilietti to Jeanette Henderson in 1955. The reception in the front room. The food and drinks brought along by members of the family. All the family members dressed up for the occasion.

Granny Quilietti with daughters Jean and Annie and grandchildren Jean and Ernie

Jeannie Walker Boyle or Quilietti with her pal. Look how shiny their shoes were. She lived just at the back of her in the middle flat. She was a local midwife and was known to have helped many locals with their births
With her great-grandson, now I think it might be Colin or Steven c 1969.
At a family wedding with daughter Annie, son Joe and Joe’s wife Peggy Morrison
Jeannie and Jeanette Quilietti. Jeanette is now 86 and still as active as ever

Here we have Uncle Guilo and Irene Q, then cousin Jean and Uncle Bobby behind her. At the front right is Joe Quilietti standing beside Ernie. At the front is Aunty Jeannie Pie. Not sure who the other two are

JAMES or Bobby Quilietti



JEANNIE Jeannie-Pie Quilietti


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