The Quilietti Family

The story of a Scots Italian family

BOYLE/Valenti connections

The children

  • Alfred Valenti 1917-1974. Married Esther Mullen and they in turn had many children who all were born in Coatbridge
  • Dolly Valenti 1921-1997. Married Edward Robertson. Married Nick Rae
  • William Valenti 1991-1993. Married Rose Tait
  • May Valenti 1922-1922
  • Albert Valenti 1923-1963
  • George Valenti 1924-26
  • Litizia Maria Valenti 1925-1990. Married James O’Neill
  • Georgina Valenti 1926-1995. Married James Lappin
  • Gabriel Valenti 1929-1983. Married Helen Currie Foley
  • Victor Valenti 1933-1983. Married Mary Geechan
  • Anthony Valenti 1934-1935
  • Agnes Valenti 1938-2004. Married William Morrison

Rosa Valente 1868 -1964. She was born in Cassino. She married Giuseppe Antonio Risi 1868-1964 who was born in Santa Lucia in Naples in 1870. They married in Naples on 24 June 1894 before emigrating to Scotland

  • Francesco Risi 1895-1972. Married Angelina Di Marco.
  • Giovanni Risi 1900-1976. Born in Italy died in Edinburgh
  • Carmine Risi 1903-1974
  • Antonio Risi 1904-1953
  • Elizabeth Risi 1909-1995. Married Joseph Cameron 1907-1984. They had four children Joseph, Rosie, Alex and Annette.

There are other branches of the Valenti family in Scotland and who probably are in one way or another related back in Cassino and beyond. Know there are Neri and Risi connections. There is a branch in Kirkcaldy who say that they have been there since 1921.

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