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FUSCO, Joseph and Angela Franco

With thanks to new cousin Kristine Connelly who has identified this photograph as her grandparents Joseph Fusco and Angela Franco.  Kristine’s mum  is Monica Fusco [Wleczorek]

Joseph Fusco and Angela Franco on their wedding day

My mum, Monica Wieczorek (nee Fusco and eldest grandchild of the Fusco Family in Portobello) is 88 and still lives in Edinburgh, as does her younger sister Marie Reglinski.

My mother’s father is Joseph (Guiseppe) Fusco and he is the oldest son (following the death of his older brother Louie at 5 years of age).  I believe the family were a sibling group of six boys and six girls.

My grandmother, Angela Fusco (nee Franco) was a  close friend of Lucy Fusco and that’s how she met my grandfather as he and Lucy were brother and sister.  My grandparents are both dead and the only remaining Fusco sibling is Francis and he is very poorly. He is in his 95h year.

Joseph Fusco was the son of Maria Brattesani and John Fusco and you can see their history on the dedicated page  Brattesani, Mary or Maria on this family website

The Brattesani / Fusco family

Richard Demarco’s  recollections of the Trocadero 

My great grandparents owned the Marine Cafe on the corner of Pitt Street, Portobello and Portobello Promenade, as well as the Trocadero Restaurant in Princess Street, Edinburgh.  I’ve managed to obtain some photos of the Marine Cafe, but I’d dearly love to see a photograph of the Trocadero.  I’ve tried the internet but can’t find anything about it.  I’ve also managed to get a few bits of the silverware from the Trocadero. [24/10/05] Richard Demarco  . 1930 Edinburgh’s West End. Parents’ business venture setting up ‘thé dansant’ called: The Trocadero in West Princes St., inspired by institution in Portobello called: Maison Demarco. Explains why Trocadero failed. Demarco family arrived in Edinburgh via Paris, many employed as artists’ models end of 19th century, originally from Province of Frosinone, Italy. About mountain village communities where both paternal and maternal sides of family originated, about Medieval architecture in Italy, the ‘cicioria’ culture relating to land where Cicero built his villa. Little known about paternal family origins, father’s parents came from village of Picinisco, father’s name: Carmino Demarco, spoke fluent Italian, brother of Cristina (known as Tini) 22 years older, she ran Demarco empire, describes her relationship with father, RD’s perception of her as unsympathetic to his hopes for secondary education. About father’s hard work as business manager for Tini; Tini’s husband: Gabriel Demarco. Description of Maison Demarco, its atmosphere, interior design, materials used, built on lines of Parisian cafâe: La Coupole. Cont. about parents’ Trocadero venture, about RD’s mother’s birth pangs at the Trocadero. Father in charge of catering services, explains his contacts with large Edinburgh Railway hotels. Description of Maison Demarco’s ice-cream factory. Mentions father’s brother: Uncle Fred.

Richard Mentions first trip to Paris with school in 1949, then with father 1950. Detailed description of Portobello in 1930s.How RD lived mostly in houses close to Maison Demarco, perception of father struggling to improve life as it became harder.

Mother’s name: Elizabeth Valentina Fusco, maternal grandfather: Giovanni Fusco son of an adventurer (also Giovanni) who’d fought in Papal army against Garibaldi. Fusco’s family origins in Picinisco and Frosinone region around Montecassino, also from northern Tuscany, township of Barga.

Explains how most Italian migrants to West Coast Scotland came from region around Barga, most migrants to East Coast came from Picinisco. Maternal grandmother: Maria Bratisani, her husband’s father, Giovanni the adventurer, married Irish widow: Elizabeth Guinness, explains about these Irish origins. About where Giovanni and Elizabeth met, describes Giovanni as real dandy and risk taker. Maternal grandparents: Maria and Giovanni met in Edinburgh, describes how Italians inevitably established communities in different parts of Britain, whereabouts in Edinburgh Italians settled, how Maria and Giovanni left Ireland for Ulster to set up shop in Bangor, County Down, second child was RD’s mother: Elizabeth. About living with maternal grandparents at 9, Bath St., memory of terrifying recurring nightmares. About deep unhappiness in family, fundamental personality differences between parents. Description of mother’s character and looks, b. 1900. Description of father’s personality and looks, what naturally attracted the one to the other. Parents both died in their seventies. Demarco empire big success in contrast to small Fusco family business consisting of British style Marine Café, describes how they catered for two Rowing Clubs on Portobello Promenade. Description of grandfather Giovanni Fusco on his deathbed.

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