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FUSCO, Joseph and Angela Franco

With thanks to new cousin Kristine Connelly who has identified this photograph as her grandparents Joseph Fusco and Angela Franco.  Kristine’s mum  is Monica Fusco [Wleczorek]

Joseph Fusco and Angela Franco on their wedding day

My mum, Monica Wieczorek (nee Fusco and eldest grandchild of the Fusco Family in Portobello) is 88 and still lives in Edinburgh, as does her younger sister Marie Reglinski.

My mother’s father is Joseph (Guiseppe) Fusco and he is the oldest son (following the death of his older brother Louie at 5 years of age).   I believe the family were a sibling group of six boys and six girls.

My grandmother, Angela Fusco (nee Franco) was a  close friend of Lucy Fusco and that’s how she met my grandfather as he and Lucy were brother and sister.   My grandparents are both dead and the only remaining Fusco sibling is Francis and he is very poorly.   He is in his 95h year.

Joseph Fusco was the son of Maria Brattesani and John Fusco and you can see their history on the dedicated page  Brattesani, Mary or Maria on this family website

The Brattesani / Fusco family

Richard Demarco's  recollections of the TrocaderoÂ

My great grandparents owned the Marine Cafe on the corner of Pitt Street, Portobello and Portobello Promenade, as well as the Trocadero Restaurant in Princess Street, Edinburgh.   I’ve managed to obtain some photos of the Marine Cafe, but I’d dearly love to see a photograph of the Trocadero.   I’ve tried the internet but can’t find anything about it.   I’ve also managed to get a few bits of the silverware from the Trocadero.

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  1. Derek Fusco says:

    Joseph and Angela Fusco were my grandparents to.

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