The Quilietti Family

The story of a Scots Italian family

Scotland’s folks

This page I will dedicate to some great old photos of Scotland and her people

1914-18 and these Kilties are celebrating in style

 A well known couple, from Peebles way. Coal Jean and Coal Geordie delivered the coal (perhaps not surprisingly by their names). Is that a pipe Jean is smoking? Guess it must have been a popular pastime among women in Peebles at that time! 

Vespa Club in Edinburg  these lads are making their way up Ramsay Lane which is one of the steepest streets in Edinburgh. The Edinburgh Vespa Club was the first scooter club of any kind in Scotland. It was formed early in 1954. This is one of its first 'ride outs' By 1955 membership had risen to 30! 

Annual outing  for either a large family or a work place which included all members of the family

Game of Marbles - nevermind Game of Thrones!!  This photograph showing how poor the children were with no shoes.  1940's Helmsdale, in the North of Scotland

Arbroath Smokies.

Inverness Fire Brigade circa 1900 - showing off

Scottish women from all walks of life


Back Green party at Spiers Place, Leith

The Bonds in Leith, great photo showing the girls making the Corks for the bottles circa 1900

an unknown Scots Italian

unknown Scots ITALIAN Girl

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