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Don Bencivenni

Don Bencivenni was/is the Priest who helped Helen during her years of research into the Quilietti, Conti, Brucciani etc. families from the Village of Castelvecchio Pascoli.  He has been the Priest of the Church of St. Nicolo from 1954.  We visited his flat above the small Church where he showed us the fantastic archives.  He was absent from the family wedding in 2014 of Fallon Quilietti.  We build this page in his honour and hope that someone from the village can help us make this page into a testament of his life.

WITH Don Bencevenni, Isabella Quilietti and Helen Rose Quilietti 2006

The Don

a photo of my family Jamie, Tatiana and Denis Stanton, inside the wee Church. Photo taken 2014 at Fallon's Quilietti's Wedding

The Precious books

Don Bencivenni

Where the old bones used to lie is now a wee Orchard

The Don's wee Church

Precious books

Don Ruggero Bencevenni at a wedding 2008 of another Scots couple Ale and Dee who come from Largs and who also were married in the wee Church

The confessional

A lovely photo of the old bread oven just outside the Church of St. Nicoli

The village of Castelvecchio Pascoli from the Church



The History of the wee Church of St. Nicolo'

Through the Orchard


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