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Angela’s lost photos 1

Again for our pleasure and sponsored by Angela.

Giulianotti siblings

Giulio Giulianotti is standing in the centre. Henry, Enrico and Edwardo are also here, but which ones are they

Giulio Giulianotti is standing in the centre of the photograph.   Henry, Enrico, Eduardo and two unknown Giulianotti men are also here.   Can anyone recognise them.

The next group photo was of Men of the Italian Community photographed in Aberdeen in 1925.

Again we have Giulio Giulianotti fifth from the left seated at the front.

Eddie Giulianotti is third row extreme left.   Along from him in the third row is Vicci  Giulianotti, count eight from the left.

The fifth person from the left on the second row is a Giulianotti.  Three along from him is Joe Giulianotti.

Aberdeen Scots Italians 1925. Agostini Zecci is 5th from the left on the Back Row. Thanking his grandson Nick James for getting in touch.

This photograph was included in Terry Colpi’s wonderful book Italian’s Forward.   But our Angela has an original copy.  Amongst these folks are Zanre, Berni, Razzoia, Marcella, Carcone, Tortolani, Ferrare, Pizzamiglio, Bonici Crolla, Becci, Meconi, Zecca, Dora and Tortolano males.    These families were well known in the Aberdeen and surrounding areas

Many of these families originated in the Borgo Val di Taro region of Parma in Italy and their would have been family social interaction amongst them .

Scots Italians and their families 1925

The next photograph is

Giuseppe 'JOE' Giulianotti looking wonderful in his Kilt.

Joe served in the 3rd Batallion of the Royal Scots and was in service when he married Susan Anderson Lamb in 1918.  Joe was the eldest son of Giulio Giulianotti and Rose Brattisani.

Next we have

These boys look familiar

Is this Anthony Giulianotti with an older brother.


Photographed in Wick right at the north of Scotland this lovely wee girl

Who was she.

The next photograph looks like one of the four unknown Giulianotti children.

Now identified as a handsome Carmine Demarco.

Do we have a name for this handsome chap.

This family portrait group was taken at the Latimer Studio of High Street in Kirkcaldy in Fife.

Demarco family. The brother of Gerardo Demarco christian name still to be confirmed

Please now see the comment below from the grandaughter of Gerardo Demarco.   She believes that the family above are that of her great grand uncle, her grandfather Gerardo’s brother.   Her name is Anna Valente.    There is much social interaction between the  Valente family, the Demarco’s, the Neri’s.


The next photo again is taken in Jerome’s in Leith Street, Edinburgh.

Unknown gentleman. Photo taken in Edinburgh.

Thought this one of the Costella brothers but I was wrong.   Does anyone else recognise this photograph.?

This lovely photograph is of an Italian lady nursing  her baby.  The pram itself is a portrait in the making.

A happy mother and child.

What a great snap this was.   She is holding a lucky black cat in her arms as well as the baby on her lap.

The bride and bridegroom.

mystery bride and groom

At the back of the post card is written ‘With kindest regards from Mr. & Mrs. Fusco [John]. It does not seem to date back to the marriage between John Fusco and  Mary Fusco which took place on 25th October 1898.  Maybe Francis Fusco could help us out here.   They were a very handsome couple.

The next photograph was taken at the Ideal Photographic company.

Nanny with baby 10 Greenside Place, Edinburgh. This lucky boy was Louie Costella confirmed by his grandaughter Louise. His Nanny's name was Minnie.

This photo was taken at the Ideal Photographic Studios which were situated at 10a Greenside Place between the years 1919 right up to 1960.   For most of this period James  Edward Greenfield was the photographer.    So we have a lot of years to search for this fortunate baby.   It could have been a Quilietti baby or even a Costella baby as both had children circa 1919.   Photograph now confirmed as Louie Costella, son of Louisa.  Thank you Louise.

They had premises at 10 Greenside Place, Edinburgh.   This address of course is well known to us at No. 9 Greenside Place was where the Quilietti and Brattisani family lived for many years from 1901 to 1935 or so.

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  1. louise jane costella (MRS.SMITH) says:

    photo of baby on his nannies knee is Louie Costella. I remember him telling me his nanny was calledMinnie not sure its her though i met her in the eighties she was and old lady then so I could’nt say she was the same,could be an first baby nanny. I have’nt seen this photo in a long time.
    The photo of the unknown gentleman looks very much like Carmine Demarco if you compare the hair line, nose and eyes, ears and mouth to that of the gent. in Lucia’s wedding photograph they are the same.. but above he has a slightly fuller face possibly with time.???
    The other gent. in the trench coat is not one of the Costella boys, although he does have a bit of familiar look!!!

  2. Helen says:

    Thanks Louise. Did think perhaps that the nanny baby was one of Louisa’s children. Thanks for the confirmation., now off to search for the other photos to which you refer

  3. denyse bertoni says:

    My grand father Vincent Raphaël Giulianotti came from the same region Borgotaro in Italy although he was born in London (?). I vaguely remember that my mother said that he was selling ice creams, so may be that was in Scotland later? He had a sister (Rose?) in Dundee and I know that some of his family lived in Scotland while he and his cousin emigrated to France where they both settled. His parents were Angelo Giulianotti and Rita Zaccharini. You are doing a wonderful job with this site. Would love to share information with you. Was in touch with Richard (the famous one) and his father Charly, both in Scotland and with Mark in California. But so far I haven’tlearnt much. Best. DB

  4. Helen says:

    Hello Denyse and thank you for your very kind comments about our family history website Just had a look through my archives looking for your father but have not found amongst my many G. names. As said previously the Giulianotti, Zaccarini and Zanrae families were well intermingled throughout the past centuries and it is easy for someone like myself to get muddled up.

    I would love to hear your side of the family history and would also make up your very own pages if you want to share. Please contact me on and we can have a chat.

    Angela Giulianotti and her family were also from London but their dad was born in Aberdeen. I look forward very much to hearing from you. Where do you live now?

  5. anna valente says:

    H i i have a photo of this handsome man, i am sure he is my grandfather,s brother of gerado demarco from edinburgh, there three brothers, gerad, gerry, and i did,nt know the other one,s name but he is in the photo of the three…thank you for this i came across it by chance, i am anna valente grandaughter of gerado demarco.

  6. anna valente says:

    H i i have a photo of this handsome man, i am sure he is my grandfather,s brother of gerado demarco from edinburgh, there three brothers, gerad, gerry, and i did,nt know the other one,s name but he is in the photo of the three…thank you for this i came across it by chance, i am anna valente grandaughter of gerado demarco.

  7. anna valente says:

    Hi Helen, thank you very much for putting my name on you,r website, i feel quit chuffed, i must print it off, i have been printing so much of the family tree on photo paper gosh it will soon be a book ,thanks agaain anna. And also i am related to auntie gina gualnottie from Perth who married my mum,s cousin Lio Valente, i hope you are well, kind regards anna.

  8. Helen says:

    Happy that you are Happy. How about a photo of yourself then

  9. says:

    Hi, Hele do you really want a photo of me in this, happy new year to you I have mums album nearly done with all if the photos in it, is there anyway I can fet the colour back into these white photos. Anna Valente.

  10. Helen says:

    Yes please Anna I would just love to see all your photos

  11. Hi Helen, its carmine demarco I think is nonnos brother hope you are well , from anna valente

  12. Katie strachan says:

    Hi there, first if all I’d like to say I loved looking through your photos.
    I found this site as I’m looking for more information regarding my grandfathers family. My grandfather is called Benny Marcella. I know he had a few siblings some of which were called Minnie and Millie. They lived in Aberdeen and I believe their parents moved here before some of them were born. My grandfather has told me they moved from a small village called Givarro which was beside a place called Monte Cassino in Italy.
    If believe they opened and ice cream parlour in aberdeen when my grandfather was younger.
    Any information at all would be amazing!! If anyone knows of the family or just visited the ice cream parlour or even if you gave heard of the village Givarro as I can’t find it in any maps. Thank you!

  13. Helen says:

    hI Katie thanks for the comment. I will post your comment and hopefully we will have someone who remembers your grandad. Helen

  14. Katie strachan says:

    Hi Helen. Thank you so much!!

  15. susan canale-parola says:

    Hi everyone, I stumbled on your site & enjoy looking at all the old family photos.. So good U R taking the time to document it all for the web.
    I’m just leaving a message for Katie Strachan, the village ‘Givaro’ she looks for, is called Cervaro 🙂 I’ve lived in Aberdeen all my life, but my Grandad came from this lovely village – a city(now!). My Grandad & Dad started the ice cream cafes that still exist in Aberdeen today.. I no of the name Marcella, my Dad new them, in sure. Sadly he died in 2009, so I don’t no which Marcellas’ it was. The village of Cervaro is in Abruzzi, half way between Rome & Naples, in mountains not far from the med. sea. Yes, Monte Cassino is on top of the highest mountain & can b seen from Cervaro.. It’s a pretty place, I’ve visited often.. Most of the immigrants from towns in Southern Italy, tended to stay together, so I would imagine my Grandfather new yours, specially as I’ve heard the name.. Hope its of help to you.. If they had ice cream shop,& there were many, maybe Aberdeen town council can help U check records.. If you need to ask anything, the admin here can pass an email to me & I can return here. Gosh, I wonder if any of my Italian side R here 🙂

  16. Rosemari Penman says:

    Came across this purely by chance. Most of these names are well known to me. Unfortunately all of the older generation who could answer your questions are all gone now and I just don’t remember all the details. Both my parents families came from the Borgotaro area, Buzzo and Albareto. My mothers family were in Aberdeen, they were Zeccas, and also had an ice cream shop. My aunt married a Carcone and they were in Aberdeen all their days. The Valente name is also well known to me as there were Valentes in Kirkcaldy, Fife. My father was a Sartori from Cupar and was friendly with the Valentes. Such memories.

  17. Helen says:

    Thanks Rosemari for leaving your comment. How wonderful to hear from someone with memories and connections. Angela did a wonderful job by letting us publish her lost photographs. It is amazing just how many we are now recognising and naming. The families from Borgotora seem to very socially interactive with cousins marrying cousins etc. and sometimes it is not easy trying to untangle some lines, especially the family from Aberdeen, the Zanre, Valente, Giulianotti etc. being but a few. Buzzo and Albareto however are not two that I have stumbled across until now but I am sure that connections were there. If you want to send me some photos I would be happy to start a page for you.

  18. Rosemari Penman says:

    Do you know we just stumbled across a bag of old photographs yesterday and were looking through them. A lot of the photos are of my parents wedding day in Aberdeen and some of my aunt who married into the Carcone family. The guests would have been made up of a lot of the Italian community, faces which are known to me but the names are long gone. I think my mother’s flower girl was a Guillanotti. I remember they had a lovely big café (restaurant?) on a corner in the centre of Aberdeen and we frequently visited. I also remember the family speaking of “the Dora’s” and the “Berni’s”. My mother’s father was Luigi Zecca and her mother Maria was an Orsi before marriage, she unfortunately died fairly young. It might be interesting to pick out one or two photos taken with the guests as someone else might be able to name them.

  19. Helen says:

    I have sent you an e.mail direct Thanks so much for your very interesting comment

  20. Ian Birnie says:

    Did you come across a Berni who immigrated to Aberdeen from Bergotaro in the province of Parma. He had three children, Louisa, not sure but i think Anita and Leonard.
    Thank you

  21. Regina furia says:

    I am replying to the woman who asked about Marsella! My maternal grandfather was Antonio marsella from monte Cassino ! He was an ice cream maker! He invented water ice in Philadelphia ! He came to America in 1899! I wonder if it is the same family!

  22. Helen says:

    Hello, have posted your comment. Hope we get a reply. Helen

  23. Katie strachan says:

    Hi this is a message for Susan Canale parola. Thank you so much for that information! It’s amazing. Sadly my grandad has Alzheimer’s now but I’d love to speak to you through email and ask your grandads name to see if my grandad can remember. My email address is

  24. Katie strachan says:

    Can someone pass an email to Susan Canale parola so I can speak to her further. Thank you

  25. nick james says:

    I think my grandfather Agostini Zecca Is 5th from left back row on picture Listed as “Aberdeen Scots Italians”

  26. Helen says:

    Hello Nick and thanks for replying. Brilliant to get this news and I will add his name to the photograph. Thanks again Helen

  27. Margaret Foster says:

    The picture of the handsome Carmine DeMarco. Would he be the father of Giovanni who married Carmela Crolla. They are the grandparents of my friend who is just started trying to find her Italian heritage . Many thanks

  28. Helen says:

    No his sons were Richard, Michael and Louie. But I agree he was very handsome

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