The Quilietti Family

The story of a Scots Italian family

QUILIETTI Pauline Margaret 1970


Pauline Margaret Quilietti Steel

Daughter of Josephine Quilietti and Alex. Collins

Pauline was born on 18th November 1970 in Simpson’s Maternity Pavillion, Edinburgh.  She weighed under 2lbs and was in intensive care for three months.

This is when she affectionately gained her nickname ‘wee peenheed’  or ‘peen’.

Helen with Pauline
  • We remember long ago in  – Nineteen Seventy
  • The day that you were born, you were a little peen
  • We’ve  cried when you’ve faced heartaches
  • And saw that when you grew
  • Nothing broke your spirit
  • Instead it strengthened you
  • We are  filled with mixed emotions
  • As we  hold back our  tears
  • And with much pride remember
  • You growing through the years
  • When we  first held you in our  arms
  • If only we had known
  • that the years would feel like moments
  • And that you would soon be grown
  • You will  always be our  special child
  • That changed our lives you see
  • Our Angel, our special baby,
  • Our God-daughter our wee peen
Wee Pauline with mum and cousin Jamie Stanton
Wedding day
HAPPY Pauline
With Joe, Peggy and Darren

She was never far away from Peggy and Joe whilst growing up.  Joe liked nothing better than spending his Sunday’s with his grandchildren/  He would pick them up and take them for a drive, maybe down to Porti or to see Four Joe his Pony.  Then it would be down to see Grandma who would have something on the cooker simmering away for their dinner.

They had a whirlwind romance and a wedding to follow.   They married at Gretna Green  on 7th December 2002.

Alex and Josie

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