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MURRAY, Valentina Dufresne

Valentina Murray is the daughter of Valentina Quilietti Murray and ALEX. Murray.   She married Paul Dufresne, a French Canadian whose family were from a town called Elie Manitoba which is a small town on the outskirts of Winnipeg.   The town of Manitoba had been founded by Paul’s grandfather Elie.   This connection is very exciting and now all their descendants will have this most historical of facts attributed to Elie Dufresne.

Is this Valentina Murray


Vallie married  Paul  Dufresne

Valentina Murray with her husband Paul Defresne. He was French Canadian

Paul Dufresne married Valentina Murray

they have a daughter DawnDawn with dad Paul

Dawn Dufresne Evers


Dawn marries Gordon Evers and they have  a daughter Allison

Dawn and her daughter Allison


Allison – up to date photo

Allison today

Gordon and Dawn


Happy family

Not sure who these kiddiewinkles are

unknown kiddies








Is this Dawn or Vallie

Is this Dawn or Vallie




lovely family portrait


Not sure if Roland or Martin are  brothers of Dawn, perhaps she could let me know

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  1. Dawn Dufresne Evers says:

    I am the second child of Paul Dufresne and Valentina (Vally) Murray Dufresne–they were married in December of 1942 (she was a War Bride) My sister Patricia Dufresne Carthy was born in 1944–in Edinburh (the picture you have of us above this–between the picture of Gord and I and the one of Gord, Allison and I with Santa (1984). The picture below that is of us at Christmas, probably 1953– left to right–Dawn (me), Martin, Pat and Roland. The picture with the caption “who is this family” is our Dad Paul Dufresne holding Marin, and Pat, Dawn and Roland. That was also 1953. The picture with the straw hat, is me (Dawn).

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