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MURRAY Collette/Buckham

Collette Murray  is the grandaughter of Valentina Quilietti,  daughter of Leonardo Murray  and Dorothy Rendall.  She is my first cousin, twice removed.

Collette Murray Buckham

Collette was a musician in the 1960s and she was part of a band called Collette and the Bandits.

Collette and the Bandits

Girls with Guitars


In this capacity she was friends with Peter Neri who worked as a roadie for the groups at this time and who travelled to and fro London many times.   Peter and Collette were eventually linked through  marriage.  Collette married  James Buckham whose aunt   Stella had  married Francis Anthony Di’Mambro .  Francis and Peter were cousins.  Their families were from the San Michele district near Cassino in Italy.  Both families had arrived in Scotland and made their lives here.  The Di’Mambros were in the ice-cream/confectionery business and the Neri family in the Fish and Chip shop industry.

In turn Peter Neri’s son Anthony married Collette’s niece Lara, whose mother is Heather Joyce Murray.


Collette ‘s surname changed when she married James Buckham  in 1976 in Edinburgh.  They have two sons Jamie and Murray.


Collette Murray Buckham with her family.   Collette is standing at the front right hand with her husband James Kevin standing at the right back

Collette with her family

Son Jamie married Lynne Stewart in 2009  and they have son Brodie Stewart.



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