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stepping stone Murrays, MAY, EDDIE, JOE, JIMMY, BOBBY and MINNIE

Jimmy Murray

Jimmy is the son of Alex. Murray and Valentina Maria Quilietti.  These photos are taken a few years apart.  But both are from family get-togethers.   Jimmy married Edna Smith



Their son Fraser Murray is a humanatarian and this line of work takes him all over the world helping out in war zones and disasters and all kind of emergency situations

Well done Fraser


Could do with a bit of help her from the Murray clan to fill in the gaps

The Murray Clan

2 Responses to “MURRAY, Jimmy”

  1. Frazer says:

    Jimmy married Edna Smith…son is Frazer Murray.
    Frazer is a humanitarian aid worker and travels all over the world working in war zones and disaster and emergency situations.

  2. Helen says:

    Fraser thanks for the comment. Will sort out the page now

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